Who is minjee Lee?

Minjee Lee (born 27 May 1996) is an Australian professional golfer from Perth. She became the number one ranked amateur golfer in February 2014 after winning the Oates Victorian Open, remaining number one until turning professional in September 2014.

Where is minjee Lee from?

Perth, AustraliaMinjee Lee / Place of birth

How much does Alison Lee make?

Player Stats

68 Rolex Ranking
Career Earnings $1,927,681
Career Top 10s 13
Career Victories 0
41 CME Ranking

Where was Alison Lee born?

Los Angeles, CAAlison Lee / Place of birth

How old is Minjee Lee?

25 years (May 27, 1996)Minjee Lee / Age

What is Minjee Lee’s heritage?

Minjee Lee is a Korean-Australian who lives in the western city of Perth. Her mother got her interested in golf when she was 10 years old, and in no time at all she became quite good. She became a major force in Australian amateur golf in 2010 as a 14 year old.

How tall is Allison Lee?

5′ 9″Alison Lee / Height

Is Alison Lee Korean?

Alison Lee is a Korean American born and raised in Southern California. She was a star golfer even as a junior player, starting the game when she was 6 years old. She achieved All-American honors in the AJGA for six straight years (2008-2013). She won 9 AJGA tournaments.

Who won the LPGA today?

Australia’s Minjee Lee has won her seventh LPGA Tour title, closing out the Cognizant Founders Cup in New Jersey today. Lee, 25 and ranked No. 5 in the world, will rise even closer to world No. 1 after her first win of the 2022 season.

Who won the LPGA cognizant tournament today?

The title came in the Cognizant Founders Cup on Sunday after a final round in which the Australian wasn’t playing her best. Lee made her only three birdies on the back nine and held off Lexi Thompson by two shots to win her seventh career title and first since taking her first major at last year’s Evian Championship.

Who are minjee Lee parents?

Clara Lee
Soonam Lee
Minjee Lee/Parents