Who is performing at the Golden Disk awards 2022?

According to Soompi, BTS, STAYC, Stray Kids, Big Mama, SEVENTEEN, IU, aespa, ENHYPEN, THE BOYZ, BTS, Jeon Somi, Oh My Girl, TXT, and Heize are among the artists who have been lined up for this GDA 2022.

Who will be at the Golden Disc Awards?

Golden Disc Awards announces lineup – aespa, BTS, ENHYPEN, Brave Girls, and more. The Golden Disc Awards are returning next year. For its 36th edition, the annual awards show will play host to a number of performances from the likes of aespa, ENHYPEN, THE BOYZ, JEON SOMI, Brave Girls, Lee Mujin, and Lim Young-woong.

Will BTS attend Golden Disc Awards 2021?

Conversation. K media said BTS confirmed to attend the 35th Golden Disc Awards (GDA) in Korea 1/9-10 in 2021. All the performances will be pre-recorded.

Who won Daesang 2021 AAA?

Grand Prize (Daesang)

Ed. Year Winner
5th 2020 Lim Young-woong (Trot of the Year)
6th 2021 Lee Jung-jae (Actor of the Year)
Lee Seung-gi (Actor/Actress of the Year: Drama)
Yoo Ah-in (Actor/Actress of the Year: Film)

Who won Daesang 2021 SBS?

Kim So-yeon
The prelude to drama awards to be aired on SBS TV was released on December 13, 2021. Grand Prize (Daesang) was awarded to Kim So-yeon.

Is BTS performing at Golden Disc Awards 2022?

Along with the presence of a number of globally popular K-pop superstars on the show, Golden Disc Awards 2022 will also reveal exclusive footage of two times Grammy-nominated group, BTS’ LA concert in the ceremony, a Korean media report has revealed.

How many Daesang does TXT have?

Does TXT have any Daesang? As of now, none. Daesang is considered the most prestigious prize in any award show and has a lot of requirements to win it.

What are the Golden Disc Awards?

The Golden Disc Awards was launched in 1986 and has been held all over Asia from Japan to Malaysia and China. It was organized as a music festival and held over two days but has changed to a 1-day event for 2022. For the 35th GDAs, we had winners like BTS, IU, Blackpink and glamorous performances from the likes of GOT7, Monsta X and TWICE.

Who is the host of the 36th Golden Disc Awards?

The 36th Golden Disc Awards ( Korean : 36th 골든 디스크 시상식; RR : 36th Goldeun diseukeu sisangsik ), was an award ceremony held on January 8, 2022, and broadcast through various television networks and streaming platforms in various countries. The ceremony was hosted by Lee Seung-gi, Lee Da-hee, and Sung Si-kyung.

What channel is the Golden Disc Awards 2022 on?

The Golden Disc Awards 2022 will be broadcast on JTBC’s channels JTBC, JTBC2 and JTBC4. For international fans, it will be live-streamed on Seezn and TBS Channel1. The show is also being live-streamed on Golden Disc Awards’ YouTube channel ​.

Who are NCT 127 and twice at the Golden Disc Awards 2019?

Known as Nation’s girl group Twice and K-pop 4th generation stars NCT 127 will also be joining the award show this year. The 35th edition of the Golden Disc Awards will be pre-recorded and held without the presence of a live audience this year following the Covid-19 guidelines.