Who is the architect of Moti Masjid?

Shah Jahan
‘Pearl Mosque’) is a 17th-century congregational mosque located within the Agra Fort UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the mosque is made entirely of white marble….Moti Masjid (Agra Fort)

Moti Masjid
Type Jami Masjid (congregational mosque)
Creator Shah Jahan
Completed 1653

Who built Moti Mahal in Agra?

History. The mosque was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb at the Red Fort complex in Delhi, India, from 1659-1660 for his 2nd wife Nawab Bai.

Who built the famous Moti Masjid in Agra?

Emperor Shah Jahan
The Moti Masjid was built by Emperor Shah Jahan (r. 1628-1658) at the highest point in the Agra Fort complex. It was completed in 1655, taking seven years to build. The mosque sits on a platform, and consists of a large courtyard surrounded by continuous arcades and a prayer hall.

Did Aurangzeb built Moti Masjid?

The Moti Masjid inside the Red Fort complex in Delhi was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The Moti Masjid in Lahore Fort was built by Mughal emperor Jahangir.

Why was Moti Masjid built?

Moti Masjid was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan during 1648-54 AD. It was built as a place of worship for the royal members of the court. A mosque that shines like a pearl in a moonlit night, hence the name Pearl Mosque, Moti Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in the city.

What is the architecture of Jama Masjid?

Islamic architecture
Mughal architectureIndo-Islamic architecture
Jama Masjid/Architectural styles

How to reach Moti Masjid Agra?

Moti Masjid is just 8 kms from the city Airport and is in close proximity to the city center. Located within the Agra Fort complex, Moti Masjid can also be reached via bus services which run from the Power House Bus Stand. People travelling on their own must take the State Highway 39 to reach Moti masjid.

Who was the architect of Moti Masjid?

The Moti Masjid displays much influence from an earlier marble congregational mosque, constructed by Shah Jahan at the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Architectural plan. 19th-century painting of the Moti Masjid by Vasily Vereshchagin . Facade of the Moti Masjid.

What are the features of Moti Masjid?

The courtyard of the Moti Masjid has side arcades and arched recessions and the main sanctuary facade beyond. The sanctuary is roofed with three bulbous domes built of light white marble and stand on the red sandstone walls. There are a series of Hindu-style domed kiosks along the parapet.

When was the construction of Agra Fort Mosque completed?

The mosque was constructed in the period 1646-1653, which was notably later than all of his other Agra Fort contributions (these were commenced in 1627, his first regnal year, and completed in 1638). The mosque’s completion in 1653 was five years after the Mughal residence had shifted to Shahjahanabad.