Who manufactures Dutchmen RVs?

THOR Industries
Dutchmen – Names you know. – THOR Industries.

Where are Dutchman RV made?

1. Where Are Dutchmen RVs Made? The Dutchmen RV company manufactures their range of towable motorhomes at their manufacturing plant in Goshen, Indiana, in America.

Is Coleman made by Dutchman?

Fast-forward to today, and Coleman campers are now made by Dutchmen. Dutchmen began manufacturing the lines of travel trailers and fifth wheels that carry the Coleman name in 2010.

Who makes Dutchman Atlas?

Located at

Stock UTT2041
Manufacturer Dutchmen
Model 3202BH
Class Travel Trailer

How much is a Coleman Dutchmen camper?

Coleman Light BASE PRICE $23,000.00.

What are the best brands of campers?

Let’s take a look at the five best travel trailer brands that tick all of the boxes.

  • Airstream. About the Brand: Airstream is a classic brand that keeps improving its technology and innovation every year.
  • Grand Design RV.
  • Oliver Travel Trailers.
  • Lance Campers.
  • Outdoors RV.
  • Winnebago.
  • Jayco.

How much is a Dutchman trailer?

Aspen Trail BASE PRICE $24,066.00.

Does Thor own Dutchmen RV?

Dutchmen is a manufacturer of RVs based in Goshen, Indiana. It was founded in 1988 by Dave Hoefer, Glen M. Sylvester, and Larry Schrock and became the second-largest manufacturer of travel trailers and fifth wheels in the United States by 1990. It was acquired by Thor Industries in 1991.

Who makes Dutchmen Astoria?

RV World MN
No matter where your journey takes you, and your loved one, these Dutchmen Astoria fifth wheels from RV World MN make an ideal couple’s coach.

Does Dutchman make good RV’s?

Dutchmen in and of themselves are a great RV brand, but they also make RVs under other brand labels. Among those best brands are the following: Dutchmen themselves.

Are Dutchmen RVs any good?

Are Dutchmen RVs any good? Their entire lineup has been updated with better materials and more technology. Build quality has improved but is still somewhat erratic. We’re seeing more owners than ever before that would recommend Dutchmen RV to a friend, but we also still receive complaints about initial fit and finish about some specific models.

Are Dutchmen campers any good?

We will also present you the most popular Dutchmen RV- The Aerolite, and explain why many choose it. Are Dutchmen campers good? Dutchmen campers are good quality and reliable lightweight campers.

Who makes Dutchmen camper trailers?

Dutchmen campers have been under Thor Industries since 1991 and are the second-largest manufacturer of fifth wheels and travel trailers in the United States. Here is a list of all the brands built and sold by Dutchmen RV. Some of them are quite popular, while others may surprise you: Zoom. Who owns Dutchmen RVs?