Who owns New riff distilling?

Owner Ken Lewis
Owner Ken Lewis didn’t have to wait that long to make bourbon, but he wouldn’t do it any other way. New Riff Distilling, at 24 Distillery Way in Newport, is releasing two bourbons on Aug.

Does New Riff distill their own bourbon?

It is a 100% independently and family-owned distillery. In addition to their core bourbon and rye whiskeys, New Riff has released limited edition “riffs” where the brand can show off their experimental side. And perhaps not so unusual for a craft distiller, they have a couple of gins on offer as well.

Is New Riff sold in Florida?

With the addition of Michigan, New Riff products are available in multiple markets including Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Florida and California.

Is new riff Rye MGP?

Ken Lewis opened New Riff Distillery in the spring of 2014 in Newport, Kentucky, which is just on the other side of the river from Cincinnati. While New Riff built up the supply of their own aged products, they sourced high-rye bourbon from MGP.

Is New Riff allocated?

This item is highly allocated and only shipped once per year from the distillery.

Is new riff allocated?

How long is new riff Bourbon aged?

four years
Aged four years in 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak barrels, there are no shortcuts taken in our production. All New Riff whiskeys are made with the full sour mash Kentucky Regimen; all carry an age statement, and are always bottled without chill filtration.

What is Kentucky Straight Rye?

RYE WHISKEY. New Riff Distilling’s core Rye whiskey is full-bodied, offering hugely spicy character. Building upon America’s 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act—already the highest quality standard for aged spirits in the world—New Riff Rye is Bottled In Bond Without Chill Filtration.

Where is Pikesville Rye made?

Now produced in Kentucky from extra-aged barrels stored in prime warehouse locations, Heaven Hill Distillery keeps this historic Maryland mark alive.

Is new riff bourbon rare?

New Riff Relief 15 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey was distilled in Indiana and will be bottled in Kentucky by New Riff. It is a rare, high-rye bourbon that is bottled in bond with no chill filtration.

What is new riff distilling bourbon?

New Riff Distilling’s core Bourbon builds upon America’s 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act. It features a mash bill of non-GMO grains at 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley, representing a new riff on Kentucky’s most hallowed whiskey traditions.

What are new riff’s flagship whiskeys?

Our flagship whiskeys are a new riff on an old tradition. New Riff creates a range of whiskey including Bourbon, Rye, Malted Rye and a host of other specialty recipes – as well as Kentucky Wild Gin.

What is new riff single barrel?

New Riff’s dynamic single barrel program is a leader in the industry. Featuring the same mash bill as our flagship Bottled in Bond Bourbon, the Single Barrel ups the ante at full barrel proof bottling. Every New Riff single barrel Bourbon is tasted and approved by our production panel.

What makes new riff Rye special?

Aged four years in full-size 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak barrels, there are no shortcuts taken in the great traditional Kentucky Rye production process. New Riff’s dynamic single barrel program is a leader in the industry.