Who owns Salt Lake Regional Hospital?

Steward Health Completes Acquisition of Iasis Healthcare: Salt Lake Regional | A Steward Family Hospital | Salt Lake City UT.

Who owns Glenwood Hospital in West Monroe la?

IASIS Healthcare
The company that operates West Monroe’s Glenwood Hospital is now part of the largest private hospital operator in the United States. Glenwood Regional Medical Center is owned by Tennessee based IASIS Healthcare. IASIS and Steward Healthcare have agreed to merge operations.

How many beds does Salt Lake Regional Hospital have?

158Salt Lake Regional Medical Center / Number of beds

Who owns the Medical Center of Southeast Texas?

Steward Health Completes Acquisition of Iasis Healthcare: The Medical Center of SE Texas | Steward Hospital | Port Arthur TX.

How many beds does Glenwood Regional Medical Center have?

Glenwood Regional Medical Center is a 278-bed, state-of-the-art hospital located in West Monroe, Louisiana.

What parish is Monroe in?

Ouachita Parish
Monroe (historically French: Poste-du-Ouachita) is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. state of Louisiana, and parish seat of Ouachita Parish….

Monroe, Louisiana
State Louisiana
Parish Ouachita
Incorporated (town) 1845
Incorporated (city) 1906

How many beds is the Medical Center of Southeast Texas?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: The Medical Center of Southeast Texas 2555 Jimmy Johnson Boulevard Port Arthur, TX 77640
Total Staffed Beds: 216
Total Patient Revenue: $969,883,872
Total Discharges: 6,159
Total Patient Days: 28,307

What is Setma?

Southeast Texas Medical Associates, also known as SETMA, has more than 36 providers who offer health care services including Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Physical Therapy, and Rheumatology.

Does Utah have good doctors?

According to a study done by website WalletHub, Utah is the 16th best place in the nation to practice medicine. Doctors are among the highest-paid and most educated professionals in the United States but when it comes to picking the best place to be a doctor it can depend on a number of factors.