Who owns Stubbs BBQ?

The BBQ sauce brand owned by McCormick will retain the name Stubb’s, while the restaurant and live music venue in Austin will not. Back in June 2015, the Stubb’s line of BBQ sauce, rubs, and marinades was acquired by spice-and-seasoning giant McCormick for a cool $100 million.

How much did McCormick pay for Stubbs?

$100 million
McCormick & Co. Inc. has agreed to pay $100 million for a longtime Texas barbecue sauce maker, the Sparks spice maker’s latest push to diversify its line of offerings. Under the all-cash deal, McCormick plans to acquire 100 percent of Austin-based One World Foods Inc., the seller of Stubb’s sauces, marinades and rubs.

Is Stubbs a black owned business?

#3 – Stubb’s BBQ Sauce: Founder C.B. Stubblefield started his company in 1968 in Lubbock, Texas. His full line of sauces includes 7 sauces, 5 marinades, 2 injectable marinades, 5 rubs, 4 cookin’ sauces, a moppin’ sauce and a wing sauce. They can be purchased online and at supermarkets across the country.

What is Sweet Baby Ray worth?

Dave Raymond put the ballpark value of the Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce brand in the $560 million range in a short 2016 documentary.

Where did Stubb’s BBQ originate?

Lubbock, Texas
The first Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q opened in Lubbock, Texas. The original building was small, only able to fit 75 patrons (though occasionally a few extra squeezed in to catch some live music). It was here that Stubb’s name first became synonymous with barbecue and blues.

Is Stubbs alive?

Christopher B. “Stubb” Stubblefield, Sr. (March 7, 1931 – May 27, 1995) was an American barbecue restaurateur, music patron and a Barbecue Hall of Famer, known for his barbecue sauces, rubs and marinades distributed by Stubb’s Legendary Kitchen, Inc.

Did McCormick buy Stubbs?

McCormick & Co. Inc. has completed the previously announced acquisition of the Texas-based maker of Stubb’s barbecue sauces for $100 million, the Sparks-based spice and flavorings maker said Thursday.

Who is the owner of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce?

Dave Raymond
Larry “Duce” Raymond, son of Chef Larry Raymond and nephew of Dave Raymond, the creators of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, Duce was destined to become a leader in the food hospitality business. Duce grew up in and around restaurants, and began working in the food service at age 12.

Who is Rufus Teague?

Rufus Teague is an award-winning, independent producer of high-quality craft BBQ sauces and dry rubs. The company is distinguished by its line of highly decorated products led by the legendary Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce.