Who plays the Irish boy in The Simpsons Movie?

Colin is an eight-year-old Irish student whose family moved to Springfield and was a love interest of Lisa….Colin.

Gender: Male ♂
First appearance: The Simpsons Movie
Voiced by: Tress MacNeille

Does Dan Castellaneta still voice Homer?

Dan Castellaneta voices Homer Simpson, Barney Gumble, Grampa Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, and many more.

Who voices Patty Selma?

Julie Kavner
Emmy Award winner Julie Kavner is the voice of “Marge Simpson” and her sisters, “Patty” and “Selma,” on THE SIMPSONS.

How old is Dan Castellaneta?

64 years (October 29, 1957)Dan Castellaneta / Age

What happened to the Irish kid in The Simpsons?

Once Lisa returns to Springfield at the end of the movie, Milhouse claimed that Colin died, making a poor mimic of his voice to try to get Lisa to hold his hand due to his own feelings for her. He then appeared to Lisa’s delight and they walked off together to get some ice-cream whilst holding hands.

What is the Simpson?

The series is a satirical depiction of American life, epitomized by the Simpson family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie….

The Simpsons
Genre Animated sitcom Satire
Created by Matt Groening
Based on The Simpsons shorts by Matt Groening
Developed by James L. Brooks Matt Groening Sam Simon

Is Dan Castellaneta in Spongebob?

Dan Castellaneta voiced Squidward at one point?

Why is Marge Simpsons voice raspy?

Marge is known for her raspy voice which sounds a lot like the real-life voice of Julie Kavner. The award-winning voice actor revealed that her voice is a result of a bump on her vocal cords. In a family full of wild members, Marge has always been the voice of reason.

How many voices does Hank Azaria do on The Simpsons?

In addition to Moe, Wiggum and Apu, Azaria provides the voices of Comic Book Guy, Carl Carlson (until season 32, now voiced by Alex Désert), Cletus Spuckler, Professor Frink, Dr.

Who voices Grandpa Simpson?

Dan CastellanetaGrampa Simpson / Voiced by