Why argon-ion laser photocoagulation is found more suitable for treatment of retina?

Because the laser passes readily through fluid inside the eye without damage, it is used in the treatment of retinal vascular lesions, including diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

What is the wavelength of argon laser light?

Argon laser Argon-ion lasers emit at 13 wavelengths through the visible and ultraviolet spectra, including: 351.1 nm, 363.8 nm, 454.6 nm, 457.9 nm, 465.8 nm, 476.5 nm, 488.0 nm, 496.5 nm, 501.7 nm, 514.5 nm, 528.7 nm, and 1092.3 nm.

What type of laser is an argon laser?

Argon ion lasers are ion lasers, which typically generate multiple watts of optical power in a green or blue output beam with high beam quality. They are the most common ion lasers, and can produce the highest output powers of those.

What is Argon laser treatment?

What is Argon laser treatment? Argon laser treatment can be used to treat a number of eye conditions including glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and some retinal holes and tears. It can also be used to prevent an eye condition from getting worse, and sometimes to cure it.

What type of laser is used for retinal surgery?

Frequency-doubled Nd-YAG Laser (532 nm) It is commonly used nowadays in treatment of many retinal conditions (proliferative diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, vein occlusions etc.).

Is argon gas an ar2?

It is a noble gas with atomic number 18. It is monoatomic argon which is used in fluorescent tubes. The molecular formula of Argon Gas is Ar. Argon is a colourless and odourless noncombustible gas….Properties Of Argon Gas Formula.

Molecular formula Ar
Melting point −189.34 °C

How does argon laser treatment work?

It improves the drainage of the aqueous humor (eye fluid). Repairing retinal tears and small retinal breaks: Small tears in the retina in individuals with high myopia or other diseases can be repaired with an argon laser. This prevents the risk of retinal detachment in the future.

Which laser is used in photodynamic therapy?

Argon/dye lasers Multiple laser systems have been utilized in the treatment of diseases with photodynamic therapy. One of the more widely used systems, somewhat considered the standard source for clinical PDT has been the argon/dye laser.

What is an argon laser ophthalmology?

An argon laser has multiple uses in ophthalmology. It may be used for. Narrow-angle glaucoma treatment: An argon gas laser is used for trabeculoplasty for narrow-angle glaucoma. It improves the drainage of the aqueous humor (eye fluid).

Is argon laser a gas laser?

The Argon laser is a laser system that uses noble gas as the active medium. Argon gas lasers are used in many applications such as forensic medicine, entertainment, general surgery, ophthalmic surgery, holography and as an optical “pumping” source.