Why did Studio C quit?

The 10 original cast members of Studio C left after Season 10 to start their own comedy group, JK! Studios which continues to produce sketches in front of a live audience, as well as a sitcom, a lifestyle vlog, and several other new elements. Their YouTube channel has over 418,000 subscribers.

Is Matt Meese still on Studio C?

After he left Studio C, he created the sketch comedy group JK! Studios with the ten original cast members, with which he reached the semifinals in the comedy competition Bring the Funny.

Is Jason Gray coming back to Studio C?

PROVO, Utah, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Family entertainment network BYUtv today announced that original “Studio C” cast member Jason Gray will return to the fan-favorite sketch comedy show in fall 2021.

Is everyone on Studio C Mormon?

Current cast members were part of the Brigham Young University sketch comedy group Divine Comedy, and they translated their live performances to television. “Studio C” features sketches performed by Mormons on the channel operated by the LDS Church’s flagship university, but it has never been overtly Mormon.

Did Jason join Studio C again?

“I’m thrilled to be returning to ‘Studio C’ again,” said Jason Gray. “Sketch comedy is part of my DNA as an actor and writer, and it will be an exciting adventure to work with mostly new faces! ‘Studio C’ has the best fan base, and I think they will really enjoy all the fun things we have cooking.

Is Jason Gray joining Studio C?

“Studio C” cast member Jason Gray meets with fans and moviegoers after a showing of his first feature film, “Funny Thing About Love,” at Megaplex Theatres at Thanksgiving Point on Friday, Dec. 3, 2021.

Is JK Studios family friendly?

The 10 comedians left BYUtv in 2018 and launched their own family-friendly comedy venture called JK! Studios. The move has allowed the group to expand beyond sketch comedies to include web series, sitcoms, digital shorts and movies.

Why did Jason Gray leave JK Studios?

In 2018, Gray and the nine other original “Studio C” cast members announced they would be leaving BYUtv to start their own family-friendly comedy venture, the Deseret News reported. The 10 comedians left “Studio C” at the end of season 9 and launched JK!

Is Jeremy from Studio C Real?

Jeremy Warner is a sketch comedian, actor, filmmaker, and director who is best known for his signature mustache and his role on Studio C, a popular comedy show on both BYUtv and YouTube. Idaho Falls, Idaho, U.S.

What happened to JK Studios?

The pandemic forced Call and Everton to shut down their production company, JK! Studios — where they make the web series “Freelancers” — and Everton was in the middle of shooting a movie that had to stop production. “Because we had no work, we had all the time in the world,” Call said.

Who is married on Studio C?

Stephen Meek
Whitney Call was one of the one of the four main cast members of Studio C from season 1 up to season 9, and is married to Stephen Meek.