Why did the Gaslight Anthem break up?

Fallon says it was the pressure and all those Springsteen comparisons that led the group to split in the first place. “We released two records, and all of a sudden we were playing with Bruce Springsteen, and there was all this, ‘You guys are going to be the next Boss.

How popular is the Gaslight Anthem?

For the last decade, no band has dominated the state’s rock zeitgeist quite like The Gaslight Anthem, New Jersey’s beloved greaser-punks. No other new band has risen to the level of headliner at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, strumming before nearly 20,000 fans.

What kind of music is Gaslight Anthem?

rock band
The Gaslight Anthem is an American rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, formed in 2006….

The Gaslight Anthem
Genres Heartland rock punk rock indie rock folk punk
Years active 2006–2015, 2018, 2022–present

Will The Gaslight Anthem ever get back together?

This week, New Jersey arena-punk band The Gaslight Anthem announced that they would be returning to full-time status as a concert and recording outfit. In addition to a reunion tour slated for the fall, there are plans to record their first album since 2014’s Get Hurt.

Will Gaslight Anthem get back together?

Gaslight Anthem is back together and planning new music, tour dates. After a seven-year hiatus, minus a brief reunion in 2018, The Gaslight Anthem is getting the band back together.

When did The Gaslight Anthem break up?

July 2015
Fans of The Gaslight Anthem have reason to be excited as singer Brian Fallon revealed that they have reunited and ended their “indefinite hiatus.” The group initially announced their “indefinite hiatus” in July 2015 following their European summer tour run in support of the 2014 album, Get Hurt.

How did The Gaslight Anthem get their name?

The Gaslight in question is “The Gaslight Cafe” it was basically this cool bar in NY where anyone could just come in and play… Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen were known to frequent the place. So, the guys wanted to be known as The Gaslight…

Where are Gaslight Anthem now?

The Gaslight Anthem have announced that they have returned to “full time status” as a band, following almost seven years on hiatus. They also say they have begun writing their sixth album and have announced a sprawling European and North American tour for 2022.

Is The Gaslight Anthem still a band?

Who is in The Gaslight Anthem?

The New Jersey-based rock outfit boasts the Gaslight Anthem’s Alex Rosamilia and Alex Levine on guitar and bass, respectively; the Ratchets’ Jed Winokur on guitar; and Trevor Reddell, a recording engineer and member of several bands including Let Me Run, on drums. All four members of Forgivers share vocal duties.