Why I am not getting SMS from IRCTC?

It happens several times that you don’t get the eticket SMS from IRCTC after booking tickets, It happens due to some issue with website or the SMS integration system of IRCTC with the booking confirmation page. Some times it happens when your registered mobile number is not in network for long time.

Can I travel with SMS?

Text message in your mobile phone is enough to travel. If you have internet, you can download ticket from your irctc account. Anyway, text message holds good to travel, do carry your photo ID card.

How can I get SMS from PNR number?

For Example, please enter G for General, CK for Tatkal….SMS Service:

PNR Enquiry: SMS “PNR <10-digit PNR number>” to 139 For example:PNR 1234567890
Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry: SMS “AD < Station STD code>” For example:AD 12859022

How can I get railway ticket from SMS to mobile?

You can send PNR number to 139. You will get sms reply. It costs 3 Rs. IRCTC must have sent you sms at the time of booking to the mobile number given by you (or the default number).

How can I resend my SMS to another number in IRCTC?

I once have the same issue. IRCTC website resend SMS option, call on 139, call on IRCTC official phone number, call to paytm ( my ticket booking agent) all in vain. Then I tried to message 139 and it worked. So what you have to do is type PNR(space)61XXXXXX87 and send it to 139, you will get your message.

How can we find train by SMS?

The details of SMSs services available and the format are as under:

  1. For ticket status Enquiry: SMS “PNR <10 Digit PNR Number>
  2. For Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry: SMS “AD ”
  3. For Accommodation availability:
  4. Fare enquiry.
  5. Time table:
  6. Spot/ Locate train:
  7. Train Name/Number:

How can I get PNR No ticket?

  1. You cannot get your ticket status without PNR number.
  2. It might had happened that you have lost your ticket and want to see your PNR status but you can’t.
  3. In such case, when your ticket is e-ticket, you can get the information about your reservation and PNR number through mail and SMS sent to your registered IRCTC id.

How to check PNR status by SMS?

Train PNR Status Check Via SMS. You can send a text to Indian Railways number 139 for PNR Enquiry. Just type the 10 digits (without hyphen) and send it to 139. You can also send the sms to 5676747. You would get the updated PNR information in your phone inbox. Please note that the text you send costs you Rs. 3 per sms.

How to send PNR number to 5676747?

Type “PNR (10-digit PNR Number)” and send it to 5676747. Q. Can you explain RLGN PNR Status? A: Remote Location General Waiting List (RLGN) is issued when a user books a ticket where WL quota is RLWL.

What information is not included in PNR?

In addition, PNR does not routinely include information that could directly indicate the racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, or sex life of the individual.

How is PNR data safeguarded?

CBP carefully safeguards PNR data by applying appropriate data security and access controls, to ensure that the PNR data is not used or accessed improperly.