Why is my hair dryer not working?

Because hair dryers are simple small appliances, few things can go wrong. The electric cord may be faulty, the appliance may not heat, and the fan may not operate. That’s about it. Hair dryers will overheat and the thermostat will turn it off if the vent becomes clogged with hair or dust.

Is Elchim a good brand?

Our testers rated the performance of the Elchim 3900 very highly. It has a decent temperature range, with heats that are safe and effective for thin, curly, and thick hair types. With 2,400 watts, this hair dryer definitely has the most power out of all of the hair dryer brands we reviewed.

Do ionic hair dryers actually work?

What It Means: Ionic dryers shoot negative ions, water’s ions are positively charged. That’s the science behind why an ionic dryer is much more effective at busting up and scattering water droplets on the hair shaft, preventing them from soaking in and causing frizz, plus speeding up dry time.

Can you fix the heating element in a hair dryer?

Common hair dryer repairs include servicing the switch, fan, heating element, and thermal cutout. Servicing a Switch: On/off, fan-speed, and heat switches all work in the same way.

How much does the Elchim 3900 weight?


3900 Light Ionic Dress Code
Weight 15.50 oz 17.20 oz
Diffuser Available Elchim Cocoon for 3900/ Light Elchim Cocoon for Dress Code
Color variations 1 1
Made in Italy

What does the ion button do on a hair dryer?

Ions are naturally present in your hair and their positive charge may cause frizz and volume. To help with this, Revamp hairdryers are equipped with the Ionic Technology, that supplies additional positively charged ions for volume and negatively charged ions for a sleek and shiny salon finish.

Can ionic hair dryers cause hair loss?

If you’re noticing an abnormal amount of hair loss while blow-drying your hair, it’s only natural to wonder whether there’s a connection. The reality is that as long as you’re not burning your skin or irritating your scalp with your hair dryer, it won’t cause hair loss.