Why is my Kenmore freezer icing up?

Kenmore evaporator coils that freeze up indicate a problem with the unit’s self-defrosting feature. Ironically, this results in improper cooling, so one symptom of this problem — besides ice and frost building up on the coils — is a warmer-than-usual fridge.

Why is ice forming in my freezer?

Ice buildup occurs when warm or humid air comes in contact with the cold evaporator coils in your freezer (such as when you open the freezer door on a hot day). The coils will instantly freeze the moisture and, if there’s enough of it, it will accumulate as ice.

How do you unclog a Kenmore freezer drain?

How do you unclog a Kenmore freezer drain? Mix one teaspoon full of bleach in a pint-sized container. Using a turkey baster or cooking syringe, dispense a squirt of the bleach/water mixture into the drain. Allow it to run into the drain pan beneath the refrigerator.

Where is the defrost drain on a Kenmore refrigerator?

The defrost drain hole or tube of your Kenmore refrigerator is located at the back wall and bottom of your freezer compartment. The tube or hole is usually covered by a plastic panel held to its position by a screw; if opened, the hole will become visible to your eyes.

Why does it look like snow in my freezer?

The freezer temperature may be set too low if the frost is light, snowy and seems to be everywhere. If the set temperatures of the appliance are too low, there isn’t a chance to remove the moisture from the air as the appliance cools. The moisture will turn to “snow” before the appliance starts the next cooling cycle.

Where is the defrost drain in my Kenmore freezer?

The defrost drain is found at the bottom of the freezer behind the refrigerator. However, for a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator, you can find it behind the back panel of your refrigerator freezer.

Where is the defrost drain on a Kenmore upright freezer?

The drain plug should be on the inside of the freezer on the bottom, as shown in Figure 1. I noticed your comment on your other question. According to the manual, you should remove the food from the freezer in order to defrost it.

Why is my frost-free freezer icing up at the bottom?

A build up of ice in the base can be caused by a blockage in a channel designed to direct water into an evaporation tray. This causes water to spill over the channel and into the base of the freezer where it of course freezes.

How to fix Kenmore refrigerator evaporator freezes up?

If the evaporator of your Kenmore refrigerator keeps freezing up, unplug the refrigerator to completely defrost it. This will take some hours and you will have to preserve the food in the unit somewhere else. You could also try using a heat source to defrost it quickly but this is not usually recommended.

Where is the defrost timer on a Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

It is right under the evaporator coils behind the freezer section. It is supposed to come on during the defrost cycle and defrost ice from the coils. If the coils are freezing up, then the heater is not working. But it could also be that the timer is stuck in the cooling cycle.

What causes ice maker to stick to bottom of freezer?

The Temperature of the Freezer Low freezer temperature will cause the water in the ice maker to freeze quickly. And any water around it will also freeze, causing the ice maker to stick. Set your freezer temperature to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is a thermistor on a refrigerator?

The thermistor is the part of the refrigerator which monitors the temperature of the air. Then, it sends its reading to the control board. With the readings, the control board is able to regulate power to the compressor and evaporator fan motor.