Why is there no titanium fork?

Titanium is not very suitable for road forks because large diameter fork blades would be required to reduce flex. Black Sheep makes a titanium rigid fork for MTBs. They also make a ti fork for CX. The flex gives a little cush.

How do I know what fork fits my bike?

Take your existing front wheel out and measure the current axle diameter to work out further narrow down what fork your bike can accommodate.

What is an XC fork?

Usually featuring lockout switches, XC forks are lightweight, efficient and allow the wheel to get out of the way when it needs to while offering enough support to keep you from bobbing through the travel up a tough climb. The suspension fork changed mountain biking forever.

Why are carbon forks better?

From commuting to traveling short distances, carbon forks have become a cyclist’s choice for every type of ride due to their lightweight and high tensile strength. Replacing a steel fork with a carbon fork can reduce the weight of your bike to up to 50% of the weight of the fork.

Can I change the fork on my bike?

Replacing your fork can up your bikes performance, and buying is the easy part. The real issue lies in how to remove and replace your old one. Below, is a step-by-step guide to help you through this process.

What is the lightest fork?

Forged out of one piece of 7075 aluminium its as hard as it gets. Also come with concave axle for maximum durability. This type of alloy cannot be welded so the fork is forged into one single piece of aluminum then treated to eliminate any weak points. At 0.50 lbs the Ethic Merrow fork is the lightest on earth.

Is titanium bike better than carbon?

Titanium bikes are much more durable than carbon fiber. The reason is that titanium is a much less brittle material. During an impact, a titanium frame is less likely to crack, bend, or dent. Titanium frames are also resistant to corrosion, unlike steel.