What is the purpose of redirect?

What is the purpose of redirect? The general purpose of redirect is to rehabilitate the witness and to explain or rebut any adverse proof, whether direct, circumstantial or inferential that arose during cross-examination. When should you redirect a page? Unless you’re temporarily migrating your website’s content while updating or repairing your website, use a 301

How do you keep anonymity in research?

How do you keep anonymity in research? Researchers employ a number of methods to keep their subjects’ identity confidential. Foremost, they keep their records secure through the use of password protected files, encryption when sending information over the internet, and even old-fashioned locked doors and drawers. How do you write anonymously? How to Publish Anonymously

Why was prohibition abolished?

Why was prohibition abolished? The Night Prohibition Ended. By the 1930s, it was clear that Prohibition had become a public policy failure. The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution had done little to curb the sale, production and consumption of intoxicating liquors. And while organized crime flourished, tax revenues withered. What does Prohibition rode the