Are there mullet in North Carolina?

Both striped mullet (Mugil cephalus) and white mullet (Mugil curema) are found throughout North Carolina coastal and estuarine waters, and they are frequently caught together as juveniles. Both species are popularly used as live or cut bait for flounder, red drum and many other fish.

Are NC mullets good eating?

North Carolina was once the epicenter of mullet production, exporting millions of pounds of salted mullet to Northern markets. How the times have changed! Most folks today think of striped mullet as bait and miss out on a delicious fish. The meat has a rich, nutty flavor and buttery texture.

When can you catch sea mullet in NC?

Here on the North Carolina Coast, they may arrive during March, but certainly by mid-April. North Carolina kingfish are Virginia mullet along the Outer Banks, sea mullet around Cape Lookout and the Central Coast and become whiting around Cape Fear and farther south.

Can you eat mullet fish?

Despite their reputation in some locales as the “rat of the sea,” mullets are edible and are actually very popular in the southern part of the U.S., where they are often used as the fish for fish fry events. Mullets are low in mercury, making them a safe choice of fish for just about anyone.

Where can I find finger mullet?

Finger mullet is a small schooling fish that can be found in many areas, from bays and estuaries to coastal rivers and along sandy beaches. They can often be found at all times of the year but it can be easier to find and catch them during the Fall Mullet Run.

How do you catch a mullet in NC?

Fishing tips: Anglers catch kingfish from piers, jetties and boats in the nearshore ocean, usually with two-hook bottom rigs baited with shrimp, mole crabs, bloodworms or squid. Anglers also use jigs or spec rigs to catch kingfish. Kingfish are often caught while fishing for weakfish.

Are whiting and mullet the same fish?

Members of the Drum family, whiting are known by many names: kingfish, sea mullet, virginia mullet. They prefer in-shore waters with muddy bottoms where they consume a diet of shrimp, crabs, and small fish.

Do people eat finger mullet?

“It is actually good to eat but it’s considered a bait fish,” he said. “They’ll mostly use that mullet to catch the stone crabs and put them in their traps.” “It’s got a bad rep from day one,” said commercial fisherman Donald Sawyer.

What is the best bait for sea mullet?

The Best Baits for Mullet Fishing

  • Bread Flakes. A simple flake of white bread is considered one of the most successful types of bait for attracting mullet fish.
  • Maggots.
  • Mackerel Flesh.
  • Algae.

What does mullet taste like?

Mullet has a rich, nutty taste. Its high oil content and flavor have earned it the nickname “Biloxi bacon.” The raw flesh is white and cooks up white, firm and juicy. A dark, lateral line of fatty flesh runs through the meat and can impart a stronger flavor. To prevent this, skin the fish and remove the line.

Can you catch mullet on a hook?

Because they feed primarily on algae, detritus and other tiny marine invertebrates, catching mullet is typically done with a cast net. Reeling in with a hook and line requires a great deal of patience.