Can I use filo pastry for bacon and egg pie?

Using filo pastry instead of shortcrust pastry gives a lighter, crispier texture which brings out the taste of the bacon and veggie based filling. Cooked in the oven, it’s a fantastic dinner option and any leftover will make the perfect lunch the next day.

How do you make a simple bacon and egg pie?

Roll the remaining 2 sheets of pastry and lay over the top and seal the edges. Brush the pie top with beaten egg or milk and make a slit in the top to allow steam to escape. Bake for 35-40 minutes. Serve with Wattie’s Tomato Sauce….Bacon and Egg Pie.

NUTRITION INFORMATION Serving size: 1 piece (160g)
Sodium 1016mg 635mg

What can you make with filo pastry?

Filo pastry recipes

  1. Spicy lamb filo pie.
  2. Spanakopita.
  3. Filo-baked figs stuffed with peppered goat’s cheese.
  4. Dulce de leche and apple filo turnovers.
  5. Chicken filo pies.
  6. Trout and broad bean filo tart.
  7. Honey baklava.
  8. Spinach and ricotta filo pie.

What is the best pastry for bacon and egg pie?

Bacon & Egg Pie

  • 2 sheets Edmonds flaky puff pastry, thawed or 450g homemade Flaky Pastry.
  • 225g lean bacon.
  • 6 eggs.
  • salt and pepper.
  • Meadow Fresh milk or beaten egg to glaze.

Can you use filo pastry for quiche?

Try this easy, make-ahead quiche Lorraine recipe for a deliciously creamy filling encased in flaky filo pastry.

How do you make a healthy bacon and egg pie?


  1. 1 Preheat oven to 190°C. Lay 1 filo pastry sheet on a large board.
  2. 2 Sprinkle with bacon, onions and peas. Gently pour eggs over.
  3. 3 With remaining filo make a 3-sheet filo pastry stack. Fold in half and place carefully on top pie.
  4. 4 Bake for 10 minutes then reduce temperature to 180°C.

How do you make bacon and egg pie without pastry?

Ingredients 1x 2x 3x

  1. 5 rashers short cut bacon Roughly chopped.
  2. 1 brown onion.
  3. 1 & ½ cups tasty cheese grated.
  4. ⅓ cup self raising flour.
  5. 4 eggs.
  6. 1 & ½ cups milk.
  7. salt and pepper to taste.
  8. 3 sprigs of parsley optional.

Can you use short pastry for bacon and egg pie?

Place a baking tray in oven. Line four 7.5cm (base) pie tins with shortcrust pastry. Trim excess. Prick base with a fork.

Can you make pies with filo pastry?

Our chicken and leek pie uses ready-made sheets of filo pastry making this dish easy to prepare. You can also get this recipe in advance (see tip below) before cooking. If you’re looking for more hearty and warming pie recipes, we recommend our chicken and bacon pie or our classic roast chicken pie.

How do you bake with filo pastry?

Points to remember Unroll the filo pastry pack. Remove sheets as you need them, keeping unused sheets covered with cling film or a damp tea towel. Brush each sheet with melted butter and layer up according to the recipe. Layering several sheets of pastry will make your finished dish sturdier.

Should you Precook bacon for bacon and egg pie?

Why this the Best Pie Quick and easy to make for when you’re short on time. Crispy Bacon! You don’t have to pre cook your bacon but it makes a huge difference! Whole eggs and mixed so every bite has yolk.

Can you make a flan with filo pastry?

Place a sheet of filo pastry in the flan tin, pressing it firmly against the base and sides. Using the tip of a pastry brush, brush the pastry with a little oil then cover with a second pastry sheet at a right angle to the first. Brush with more oil and cover with a third sheet at the same angle to the first.