Can you pick fruit in Florida?

Some of the more popular U-pick crops in Florida include blueberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, citrus, sweet corn, and tomatoes. But there are also opportunities to pick more unusual items, everything from persimmons and chestnuts to star fruit and avocados.

What fruit picking season is it in Florida?

U-pick strawberries are typically February and March, then tapers off in April….Typical Crop Availability – When to Pick in Florida.

Fruit/Veg Fruit/Veg
April April
May May
June June

Does Florida have apple picking?

Sadly, there aren’t any places in Florida where you can pick your own apples. So instead, go harvest the “apple of the South”—the orange!

Can you pick strawberries in Florida?

Strawberry picking in Florida is a GREAT family activity to do with kids. The berries grow in raised beds on the ground (unless they are hydroponic strawberry plants) so they are easy for kids to reach. We try to go pick our own strawberries in Tampa / Lakeland / Plant City area every year.

Where in Florida can you pick oranges?

The 11 Best Orange Groves in Florida

  • The Showcase of Citrus, Clermont.
  • Dooley Groves, Ruskin.
  • Ridge Island Groves, Haines City.
  • Hancock Groves, Dade City.
  • Sun Groves, Safety Harbor.
  • The Orange Shop, Citra.
  • Florida Orange Groves Winery, Petersburg.
  • Al’s Family Farms, Fort Pierce.

When can you pick peaches in Florida?

Peach Season in Florida runs from April – June.

When can you pick oranges in Florida?

One thing we do know is you will never forget the sweet smell you get from the Florida orange groves. The perfect time to go orange picking in Florida is between December and May, which is when they are at their most plentiful, although the season tends to run from October to June.

What is Florida strawberry season?

Florida strawberry season begins at the end of November and runs until April 1. December and January are peak months, when weather is optimal for growing the fruit. “The majority of plants are planted in October, and the farm begins harvesting by Thanksgiving,” says Wishnatzki.

Why are there no oranges in Florida?

Florida’s orange crops have been on a decline for over 20 years due to bacterial threats and other diseases impacting the state’s orange groves, called citrus greening.

What county in Florida has the most orange groves?

Polk County
So, where are most of the oranges grown in Florida? Polk County, located in the center of the Florida peninsula, grows more oranges than any other county. Florida’s orange groves are primarily located in the southern portion of Florida.