Can you still buy white wall Tyres?

Can you still buy whitewall tyres? Although they are not often an option as original equipment on vehicles, whitewall tyres are still manufactured in a variety of sizes for everyday cars, in either original bias-ply or radial form.

What is special about white wall tires?

The side walls of tires were a fairly generous color of white, and manufacturers used white letters to visually break up a large sidewall, giving it a more athletic look. Tires evolved with shorter sidewalls, and in doing so, steering response was largely improved and free space became more available for large brakes.

How do you get white wall Tyres?

Adding color for your white wall tyres

  1. Heat the tyre to open the pores. That helps the paint to be more long-lasting on the tyres.
  2. To not paint the parts of the tyre you’d like to stay black, first cover those with tape.
  3. Apply the color of your choice to the tyre.
  4. Let the color dry and remove the tape afterwards.

How do you paint white wall Tyres?

Spread a whitewall paint over the tire with a brush. Purchase a whitewall tire paint and a regular, soft-bristled paintbrush. After stirring the paint, dip the brush in to coat the bristles, then apply the paint over the area you primed earlier. Keep the coating as consistent as possible.

Why are white wall tires illegal?

65 years ago today (17 February) the US government banned the production of white side walled tires because of the Korean War effort. Wide whitewall tires reached their zenith in popularity by the early-1950s.

When did white wall tires become popular?

By the 1920’s, whitewall tires became more popular on high end luxury cars, such as Duesenberg, but more conservative car manufacturers didn’t adopt whitewall tires as a factory option until the 1930’s. For instance, Ford first introduced the whitewall tire option in 1934.

How much do white wall motorcycle tires cost?

Regular: $240.95 – $355.95 Save up to 42%!

Can you paint your own white wall tires?

While you can paint without using a primer, whitewall tires have a chemical in them that causes paint to turn brown. Using a primer can help block out that chemical. Make sure the primer is compatible with the type of paint you’re going to use.