Can you take leave in conjunction with Tad?

When Leave in Conjunction is not at the TDY location or authorized layover location, the traveler must make their airfare arrangements outside of DTS/CTO. Government fares cannot be used to fly to/from a leave location not at the TDY location.

How do I add leave to TDY?

– Head to the Expenses > Per Diem Entitlements screen.

  1. Select the Edit next to the first day of your leave and then use the Values Apply Through to identify the last day of your leave.
  2. Select the Leave box (near the bottom of the screen under the Other Per Diem Entitlements header).

Can I take leave while TDY?

Yes. You can take down to a 1/2 hour to 8 hours per day annual leave.

What is Licwo?

LICWO is defined as: Leave in conjunction with TDY. JTR 0333.

Can you take leave in conjunction with PCS?

Service members can get delay-en-route leave in conjunction with a PCS move. Whenever feasible, they will be authorized annual leave, provided no excess leave is involved. For example, a commander can approve leave so a member can take vacation days on the way to the new duty station.

Is home leave considered official travel?

Home leave may be used only in the United States (or in a U.S. Commonwealth or possession if that is the employee’s home leave residence). However, incidental travel outside the United States, not involving an overnight stay, is acceptable under these regulations.

What is CBA and IBA in DTS?

There are three types of travel accounts: Centrally Billed (CBA), Individually Billed (IBA), and Tax Advantage Accounts. These accounts are often identified by their physical appearance as well as account numbers.

What is circuitous travel?

CIRCUITOUS TRAVEL. Circuitous travel is defined as travel by a route other than the one that would normally be prescribed by a TO between the places listed in authorization travel orders.

How many days of PCS leave can I take?

Up to 60 days (can be extended) may be paid for temporary lodging expenses and meal expenses after a military member (and his/her family) arrive at a new overseas location, while awaiting housing. Military members may be entitled to a Dislocation Allowance (DLA) when relocating their household due to a PCS.

Can you take leave before PCS?

House Hunting Prior to a Move You can choose to travel months in advance of your PCS move and see the local options for living arrangements, or you can take the extra 10 days of house hunting leave and take your normal leave as you make this transition.

When can home leave be used?

Home leave is to be granted only when an employee is expected to return an to overseas assignment. The approval of home leave shall be at the discretion of officials authorized to approve the leave. Home leave may be granted in combination with other leaves of absence in accordance with established agency policy.

Who is authorized to grant leave for Tad?

Commanders authorized to direct TAD, including TAD under instruction and permissive TAD, and commanders who receive such orders for Marines of their command from the CMC, shall grant leave in conjunction with such orders whenever requested and operationally feasible.

How do I get a copy of my Tad orders?

If travel arrangements require a copy of the TAD orders (i.e., emergency leave), personnel may print the travel orders directly from DTS. Information to be included in leave authorizations under various circumstances is contained in chapter 5 paragraph 1 and may be further amplified as the local situation may dictate.

Can the President issue guidance on the use of administrative leave?

The President or OPM may issue Governmentwide policies or guidance from time to time regarding a specific use of administrative leave. Return to civilian employment after active duty military service in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

What is Section 2 2 21 of the terminal leave act?

2-21 Enclosure (1) territories or possessions, or the Government of the District of Columbia. It also entitles the member to receive the pay of that office in addition to pay and allowances from the uniformed service for the unexpired portion of the terminal leave.