Did FreedomPop go out of business?

It was founded by CEO Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, and owned and operated by STS Media Inc until June 2019 when it was successfully sold.

Is FreedomPop a CDMA?

FreedomPop has both: AT is GSM and Sprint is CDMA. So you really don’t have to worry about it – whether you’re buying one from FreedomPop or you’re bringing your own phone over, they’ll figure out what type it is.

Is FreedomPop unlimited data?

Free phone service FreedomPop is serving up a $20-a-month all-you-can-eat option. Unveiled on Thursday, the new “Unlimited Everything” plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data for the $20 monthly fee. The only apparent drawback is that once you consume more than 1GB, your data speed drops from 4G to 3G.

Is FreedomPop hotspot really free?

FreedomPop holds the distinction of being the first mobile provider to offer free cellular service. Its free mobile service includes 500 MB of data for CDMA-network phones (Sprint) with 200 minutes of talk and 500 texts.

Does FreedomPop have eSIM?

Dual Sim with Freedompop Legacy Physical and Visible eSIM Working with iPhone.

Who took over FreedomPop?

The company that runs FreedomPop, STS Media, announced today that it has agreed to sell the FreedomPop brand to Red Pocket Mobile. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but a Reuters source familiar with the deal says the transaction value is in the “high eight figures.” STS Media also controls Unreal Mobile.

How does FreedomPop work?

As a mobile virtual network operator, FreedomPop uses another carrier’s towers to provide its cellular service. In FreedomPop’s case, that’s two carriers.

What happened to FreedomPop?

A review posted on The Motley Fool in 2015 painted a mixed picture for FreedomPop. The carrier’s low prices and customer service both earned kudos, but the reviewer eventually dropped FreedomPop due to dropped calls and data connections, along with issues getting an iPhone running on the service.

How does FreedomPop compare to Trustpilot?

FreedomPop’s rating is lower at TrustPilot, where it averages a 5.3 out of 10 from 760 user reviewers. User reviews praise the free plan FreedomPop provides and generally applaud the responsiveness of customer service, though FreedomPop’s customer service also gets its share of pans.

How much does FreedomPop charge for 100MB of data?

It can go a few ways. Unless you turn this setting off, when you get to your final 100MB of data, FreedomPop will automatically charge you $20 to “top up” your plan. Ouch. Thankfully, you can opt out of this. If you decide to opt out of the top-up, you can use any of 3 other methods to gain more data, though: Pay an extra $0.02/MB.