Do primers make a difference in reloading?

As far as load development and pressures, switching primer can & will make a differance. So when switching, reduce loads & work back up to find new max pressure loading. Same w/ powders, even differant lots of the same powder differ.

What is the difference in primers?

Pistol primers have thinner and somewhat softer primer cups than their rifle counterparts. Small pistol and rifle primers utilize a cup 0.175″ in diameter, while large pistol and rifle primers measure 0.210″ across. Large rifle primers are 0.008″ thicker than a large pistol primer.

How Much Do primers affect accuracy?

Primers most definitely will effect accuracy that much and even more in some instances. Primer type and consistency is a critical part of the accuracy recipe. Switching primers on a load can effect the results as much as switching bullets or powder type.

Does 308 take large or small rifle primers?

Plus, some of the most savvy handloaders and shooters in the world—Palma competitors—regularly choose Small Rifle primer pockets in the . 308, which has about seven percent greater propellant capacity than the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Why is there a shortage of rifle primers?

When it comes to ammunition supplies, bullets are easy to manufacture, brass can be re-used, and powder is generally stockpiled by companies (though perhaps not the kind you’re looking for). This leaves primers, which are relatively difficult to make, as the component that causes the bulk of ammo shortages.

What are small rifle primers for?

Small Rifle primers leave case heads stronger, and brass lasts longer. Large Rifle primers ignite propellant more reliably and consistently in extremely cold temperatures.

Are 5.56 and .223 primers the same?

The Difference Between 5.56 and . 223 are the same. While they use the same projectile, and are extremely similar, to the point that 5.56 rifles can also shoot .