Do the outfits in Dead Cells do anything?

Outfits change the colors and sometimes model of the player’s appearance. Some specific outfit elements, like the Concierge outfits’ shoulder plate, changes color depending on the player’s gear and action.

What happens when you get infected by the Malaise Dead Cells?

When you have killed enough enemies you have cleared the infection in the biome and trigger the clear infection event. This occurs when you have killed 90% of the enemies in the biome….Reducing infection.

Source Points
Elite 25
Boss 250
Clear infection event 10% enemies
Cough Syrup 150

What does moonflower key do Dead Cells?

Moonflower Key. Dropped by enemies inside the biome. Used to open 1 of 2 cell doors at the end of the biome, which grants the player a random item on an altar. Only 1 may spawn each run.

What is the rarest outfit in Dead Cells?

Fallen Collector
1 Fallen Collector The rarest and the best outfits from Dead Cells come from seemingly murdering the poor Collector. This is the same for the Fallen Collector Outfit in which you have to kill the collector twice before you can grab the blueprint.

What does the hunter’s mirror do Dead Cells?

Hunter’s Mirror It does not show any items that cannot be unlocked at the current set difficulty level, but it can show enemies found in inaccessible biomes.

What does the mirror in Dead Cells do?

The cool thing about the Hunter’s Mirror in Dead Cells is that whenever you look at it, it’ll show you an enemy type that still holds a blueprint that you’ve yet to obtain.

Are you worthy dead cell?

If the player breaks any of the doors, the sign at the end will read, “You are not worthy” and not drop the blueprint. The character will also give the middle finger to the sign if it reads “You are not worthy” and thumbs up if it reads “You have proved your worth”.

How do you sacrifice mushroom Boi?

Sacrifice the Mushroom Boi near the Altar by making him explode. If there are no enemies around and you’re close to the altar, he will automatically get on the altar and explode himself. The man next to the altar will say ‘your sacrifice has been accepted! ‘

What are the best mutations in Dead Cells?

Dead Cells: 13 Best Mutations, Ranked

  1. 1 Gastronomy. Effect: Food effect doubled, recycling food lets you deal more damage.
  2. 2 Disengagement.
  3. 3 Tranquillity.
  4. 4 Crow’s Foot.
  5. 5 Ygar Orus Li Ox.
  6. 6 Support.
  7. 7 Extended Healing.
  8. 8 Frenzy.

What is BSC in Dead Cells?

Boss Stem Cells (or simply Boss Cells) are permanent items that increase the difficulty of the game when active.

What is the final boss in Dead Cells?

The Collector is the final boss in Dead Cells and can only be reached in the Observatory with 5 Boss Stem Cells activated. He is exclusive to the Rise of the Giant DLC.