Do we need SSL certificate for intranet?

Unless your users are accessing your applications using a strong 2048-bit encryption SSL certificate, your company’s information could be available to hackers all over the Web. Ensure that your internal servers, Intranets, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are secured.

What is a wildcard SSL used for?

What is a SSL Wildcard Certificate? A SSL/TLS Wildcard certificate is a single certificate with a wildcard character (*) in the domain name field. This allows the certificate to secure multiple sub domain names (hosts) pertaining to the same base domain.

Why you shouldn’t use wildcard certificates?

The biggest concern with wildcard certificates is that when one server or sub-domain covered by the wildcard is compromised, all sub-domains may be compromised. In other words, the upfront simplicity of the wildcard can create significant problems should things go wrong.

How do I create an Intranet SSL certificate?

SSL certificate for Intranet network

  1. Setup OpenSSL. Generate Root CA Key. Request for certificate. Self signed the requested certificate.
  2. Issue Certificate as a CA. Generate Server Key. Request for certificate. Issue the Certificate.
  3. Generate .pfx file for IIS Server. *Verify Certificate Chain.

How do you secure an intranet website?

10 Ways To Protect Intranet Data

  1. Consider using a PIN or password-based system to prevent unauthorized access to files.
  2. Use digital signatures to authenticate a person’s identity.
  3. Confirm transactions to ensure they are valid.
  4. Know what data resides on your intranet.
  5. Establish manager controls.

What is an intranet certificate?

An Intranet SSL certificate is a Private/non-Public SSL (TLS) Certificate issued by SecureNT. Technically, it is similar to the SSL certificates issued by Public CAs (like DigiCert, GlobalSign, Entrust, Sectigo, or Let’s Encrypt) but it is used on internal networks or private sites.

What is wildcard in the Internet?

Wildcards take the place of one or more characters in a search term. A question mark (?) is used for single character searching. An asterisk (*) is used for multiple character searching.

Is wildcard certificate insecure?

Wildcard certificates are used to cover all listed domains with the same private key making it easier to manage. Despite the benefits, the use of wildcard certificates creates significant security risks since the same private key is used across dispersed systems, increasing the risk of an organization-wide compromise.

Can Wildcard SSL used multiple servers?

Yes, a Wildcard SSL Certificate can be used on multiple servers.

How do you make an internal website secure?

The customer facing web applications are typically secured by a Web Application Firewall, which monitors and filters traffic to the application, and prevents potential attacks. While internal web applications are secured with tighter measures such as VPN, TLS certificates and/or Single Sign-On.

How do I get an SSL certificate for my local server?

Steps to follow

  1. Create a certificate.
  2. Sign an SSL certificate for localhost.
  3. Develop a server using Node.
  4. Configure the Firefox web browser and the Postman API client to allow certificates that we have signed as the CA.
  5. Access the localhost with HTTPS securely from the browser or API client.

What is a wildcard SSL certificate?

For example, a wildcard certificate issued for * would cover multiple subdomains like, and A wildcard will not, however, cover the ‘naked’ core domain.

What are intranetssl certificates?

However, IntranetSSL Certificates are issued from separate, non-public roots – this is how they are able to contain otherwise prohibited features such as supporting internal server names, SHA-1 for legacy systems, validity periods of up to 5 years, and no requirement for publishing the certificates to public Certificate Transparency logs.

What is a “wildcard character” or “wildcard certificate”?

In computing, a “wildcard character” is a placeholder character (often an asterisk) that stands in for other characters. A “wildcard certificate” is an SSL/TLS certificate which includes a wildcard character to allow it to be used to protect a number of subdomains of a domain.

What SSL products work with intranet servers and VPNs?

DigiCert has a range of SSL products that work perfectly with Intranet Servers and VPNs, depending on your specific needs. They are: Secure one domain name with the highest level of encryption available.