Does Colorado State have a swim team?

The Swim Club competes against regional schools in local meets each semester, including two home meets each year. The team also competes at CCS National Championship at the end of each swim season.

What comes after zones in swimming?

Currently, the Central States Zone is the only one that has more than one Zone Championship meet (Age Group swimmers), and all four zones have multiple Sectional Championships (Senior swimmers). After Zone meets for age group swimmers some may qualify for Junior Nationals.

What is a Level 1 gala?

Level 1: (Regional Gala • Swimmers must be SSA registered) This is the entry level into National galas and gives swimmers the opportunity to compete against other swimmers from around the country.

Does CU Boulder have a swim team?

About the Team CU Swimming and Diving is a student run organization consisting of about 100 student athletes of all commitment levels. Any full- or part-time CU Boulder student can join!

What division is Colorado State swimming?

Colorado State University Rams is located in Fort Collins, CO and the Swimming And Diving program competes in the Mountain West Conference (MW) conference.

Is swimming a Zone 2 training?

Zone 2: Endurance In Zone 2 the sensation of muscular effort/fatigue is generally low, but may rise to higher levels (e.g., when using paddles or a tether). Concentration is generally required to maintain effort, especially at the upper-half of range and/or during longer training sessions.

Will swimming improve my VO2 max?

Boosts VO2 max “VO2 max is improved when you swim whilst restricting oxygen intake – the very nature of having your face in the water while swimming does exactly that and consequently, lung capacity is improved,” explains Jane.

What does the IM stand for in swimming?

This does not automatically mean that the swimmer has also won the event, since there are usually multiple heats for any event. IM (Individual Meadly): An event that encompasses all four swimming strokes including Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle.