Does Staples take trade ins on computers?

Most Staples stores in the U.S. accept tech trade-in items.

Can you trade in a computer for a new one?

Is It Time for a New Computer? At Computer Concepts, you can trade in your old computer and put the value toward the purchase of a new one! While most people can take advantage of this offer, not all computers are eligible for trade.

Can I trade in my laptop at Office Depot?

Office Depot’s Tech Trade-In program accepts LCD monitors, LCD TVs, digital cameras, desktop and laptop computers, gaming systems, MP3 players, camcorders, Smartphones/PDAs, and printers.

Can you trade in HP laptops?

Get a trade-in quote today by visiting or contact HP Trade-In Support at 1.888. 593.3835.

Does Staples give you money for old printers?

Bring your old printer with proof of payment to any Staples® store for free easy recycling and collect a recycling receipt. A credit of up to $50 will be issued in the same form of payment within 10 business days.

Does Staples buy old printers?

Printers. Extra $30 or $50 off when you trade in. Trade in your old printer in store and receive up to $50 towards the purchase of a new printer.

Where can I sell my PC?

You can list and sell it yourself on services such as eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but be prepared to field questions and haggle with potential buyers who will surely try to convince you to give them the best deal possible.

What can I do with my old HP laptop?

Vendors like Office Depot, Best Buy, and HP® accept old computers for recycling in addition to other items such as printers and printer cartridges, smartphones, and tablets. Even the most dated and obsolete computer can contain a number of valuable materials including plastics, copper, gold, and silver, among others.

Does Staples destroy HDD?

Although Staples will erase all the data on the hard drives that you recycle, we still recommend that you do it yourself first to ensure that none of your private information is still lingering before getting rid of it.

Does Staples refill ink?

Both Office Max and Staples have offered ink refill drops and “while-you-wait” services in the past, but every location is different and the services are not advertised. For those interested in refilling at these stores, it is best to check with customer service first.