How big do Chagoi koi get?

40 inches
As an adult, a Chagoi is prized most highly if it fulfills a destiny of great size – as much as 40 inches or more. That’s a big koi by any standard. The fish should be blocky in its body shape. The base of the tail (knuckle) should be thick and fat.

What is a Chagoi koi?

Chagoi are solid brown koi and are known for being extremely friendly. They are wonderful for family homes and will always greet the family when someone comes to their pond. They are very easy to train to hand feed, and most koi will follow the Chagoi once they realize how it accepts food so quickly.

What does a Chagoi koi look like?

Chagoi koi fish have thick, blocky bodies with fat tails. Even their head is broad, so they don’t look anything like slim, streamlined koi varieties. Another way to identify a Chagoi fish is by looking at the fins. Neither their pectoral fins nor their dorsal fin is split.

How much is a butterfly koi fish?

Specifications Chart

Size Price
4″ $15.00/ea.
6″ $35.00/ea.
8″ $65.00/ea.

What is the most friendly koi?

Chagoi are the friendliest and most docile Koi breed to the point that most actually like interaction with people. In as such they tend to make all of your other fish more friendly and trusting. They are also known to grow large and grow quickly.

Can koi get lonely?

As Cyprinus rubrofuscus became a more colorful and domesticated species, its behavior started to change to the extent of becoming a fish you can actually feed by hand. In other words, koi have dynamically adopted social and gregarious traits, and this allows them to live alone in most situations.

Are all Chagoi friendly?

They are not more friendly, they are just hungrier, and that makes them bolder. They are closer to wild carp and tend to get larger than the more refined varieties like gosanke. Larger fish need more food to get there and thus have to be bolder to get it.

How do you pick a Chagoi?

Look for solid color pecs in brown. No clear tips or motoguro type brown on pecs. Look for olive green to light copper brown. Should not have any gray and avoid dark brown.

How long do butterfly koi live?

25-30 years
Butterfly koi have about the same lifespan as traditional koi: up to 25-30 years in ideal conditions. Some koi keepers say butterfly varieties are slightly more hardy than other kinds because of their hybrid genes and close ties to wild carp.

Are butterfly koi real koi?

The butterfly koi is a true koi. Despite this fact, the Japanese have shared some American purist’s distaste for these long fin beauties.

What is the prettiest koi fish?

Koromo or Goromo is one of the most stunning types of koi fish. It is a hybrid of a Kohaku and an Asagi ki fish. It has the characteristic colors of a Kohaku (white and red) and the characteristic net pattern of the Asagi koi fish.

What is a good koi fish baby price?

One thing everyone can agree on is that owning koi fish is certainly not an affordable hobby.

  • Koi fish food,filtration,and maintenance can get very expensive,especially if you have multiple fish.
  • Let’s take at what is a good koi fish baby price that you can expect to pay without outright overpaying or breaking the bank.
  • Where to buy Koi online?

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    Where can you buy koi fish?

    Koi Fish are most commonly associated with garden ponds due to their large adult size. These fish, a type of carp, can regularly live to be 60 years old or more, making them lifelong pets. Find koi for sale at your local PetSmart store! Price may vary by location.

    How much does a koi fish cost?

    You can get a koi fish for less than $10 and you can get a better koi fish by paying a ludicrous $20,000. Adult koi will go for more than $10,000 while a young koi fish will come at the price tag of just $10 or less. More serious koi enthusiasts prefer to have these living creatures without any worry about money.