How can I get PETRONAS Mesra Card?

Application of the PETRONAS Kad Mesra is easy and free as well. Customers can apply for the card at any of over 1,000 PETRONAS stations nationwide or through online application via

How do I redeem PETRONAS Mesra?

To start redeeming Mesra points, customers must link their Mesra card and activate it on Setel. Customers can redeem RM1 for every 100 points, which will be credited directly to their Setel wallet balance and can be used to purchase fuel immediately.

How can I check my PETRONAS Mesra card points?

Just link your Mesra Card on the Setel App and transfer your Mesra points by selecting the ‘Link Now’ button. To view your total Mesra points on the Setel App, just click on the ‘Rewards’ tab.

How do you use a Mesra gift card?

The Gift Card can be used for payment of any products purchased from PETRONAS Station. Simply use the gift card at the station to pay for your fuel. However, the Gift Card cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and is not a credit, debit or loyalty card.

How do I use PETRONAS SmartPay card?

Under urgent circumstances, you may pick up the cards directly from our PETRONAS SmartPay office….

  1. Step 2: Receive the access via your registered email.
  2. Step 1: Apply online for SmartPay Online Access.
  3. Step 2: Complete the form and attach the required documents.
  4. Step 1: Download the SmartPay Card Application form.

How do I link my physical Mesra card to Setel?

Register for a Setel account or launch the Setel App. At the homepage, click on “More” and select “Mesra Card”. If you have a physical Mesra Card, key in your IC number & 17-digit Mesra Card number. Else, click on “Activate” to activate your virtual Mesra Card.

How do I use PETRONAS SmartPay?

Can Mesra points redeem petrol?

Now you can convert your Mesra points into Setel Credit and use it to purchase fuel or items from Kedai Mesra. Just follow 3 simple steps below and start redeeming your Mesra points today! Setel is available at all PETRONAS stations in Klang Valley.

Will Mesra points expire?

Will my Mesra points expire? Yes. Points will expire after 3 years.

How do I use Petronas SmartPay?

How do I buy a petrol voucher?

How to order your Shell Fuel Voucher?

  1. Fill up the order form via Shell website here or contact our Customer Service Centre at 1-300-88-1808 for any queries.
  2. Email your order form to [email protected].
  3. Wait for your request to be processed.
  4. Make the payment for your voucher purchase.

How does Smart Pay Work?

SmartPay ( is a lease-to-own payment plan that lets customers shop for devices, accessories and more. After beginning a lease, customers make fixed, scheduled payments over a 15 or 24 month term to make it more affordable than paying full price upfront.