How can I improve my AP Lang multiple choice?

TIPS FOR THE MULTIPLE CHOICE PORTION OF THE AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE…Write copiously on the passage.Understand why your wrong answers are wrong.Read each question and anticipate what the answer might be before looking at the answers. This helps you focus on the question.When you narrow choices down to two answers, and you’re not sure, choose the more specific answer.

How do you do well in AP Lang rhetorical analysis?

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How hard is the AP Lang exam?

While Lang’s “difficulty” may often vary based on your teacher’s rigor, the exam itself and its (practically existent) requirement of practice make it a pretty difficult course. So is AP Lang worth taking?

How do you write a conclusion for AP Literature?

In conclusion, avoid beginning conclusions paragraphs with the phrase “In conclusion.” Don’t repeat the thesis verbatim in the conclusion. Don’t throw in a random current event to make the paper relevant. Avoid summarizing the paper.