How can I teach my child British English?

How to teach a kid to speak English at home [12 tips from experts…

  1. Sing songs with them.
  2. Use English in daily life.
  3. Set a regular learning routine.
  4. Play with your child in English.
  5. Ask them to act out something they see on TV.
  6. Read comics together.
  7. Praise them!
  8. Ask them open-ended questions in English.

How can I help my child improve English?

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  1. Incorporate A Reading Habit.
  2. Choose What To Watch.
  3. Let Your Child Watch Cartoons In English.
  4. Encourage Your Child To Speak In English When At Home.
  5. Motivate Them At Every Step.
  6. Keep A Diary In English.
  7. Listen To English Songs.
  8. Communicate In English With Friends.

How can I learn English fun for kids?

7 Simple Ways to Make Learning English Fun for Your Child

  1. Teach them through songs.
  2. Use word games.
  3. Use interactive games.
  4. Storytime.
  5. Cartoons.
  6. Let them mingle with English-speaking friends.
  7. Let them play video games done in English.

Is British Council good for English?

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Our passion is the English language and our mission is to provide the best teaching and assessment in the world.

Is the British Council app free?

Our free app has more than 1,000 grammar exercises and it has been carefully designed to help all learners of English.

How do I teach my 9 year old English?

8 fun teaching methods for young learners

  1. Turn lessons into songs.
  2. Create visual diagrams to illustrate new vocabulary.
  3. Encourage mnemonic devices to memorize grammar rules.
  4. Weave in spontaneous or consistent dialogues throughout the lesson.
  5. Break up solitary study sessions with games.
  6. Review vocabulary through role playing.