How did 4th Power do on X Factor?

Ora and Grimshaw voted to send Murray through to the semi-final while Fernandez-Versini and Cowell voted to send 4th Impact through to the semi-final. The result went to deadlock and Murray advanced to the semi-final which meant 4th Impact finished in fifth place.

Did 4th Power become 4th Impact?

The group named 4th Impact (formerly known as 4th Power) is composed of four sisters who travelled to Britain all the way from the Philippines.

How old is 4th Power?

The quartet – who have also performed under the names Gollayan Sisters and Cercado Sisters – are aged between 19 and 27, and told X Factor viewers that they have been singing as a band since 2001.

Did 4th power make it?

X Factor 2015: 4th Impact eliminated after losing out to Lauren Murray in results show deadlock. th Impact were booted out of X Factor after Simon Cowell sent the results show to deadlock.

What is the girl group 4th power doing now?

Now, they’re independent artists and released their debut independent single “K(NO)W MORE” in March 2020, launched a Patreon page where they frequently keep in touch with their fans alongside live videos and regular covers, and they’ve started work on their debut album!

Where is the girl group 4th Power now?

Where Are They Now Alex and Sierra?

Following their split, Alex briefly formed the band BoTalks. Then, in February, 2019, Alex launched his solo singing career with a single called “Simple,” which was released on his own music label, Kinsey. He also released a solo EP, called Party of One that same year.

Who is 4th Impact?

4th Impact are a Filipino all-female singing group originally from Santiago. The group consists of sisters Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina Cercado. They participated in Series 12 of The X Factor where they were part of the Groups category mentored by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.