How did Karuthamuthu serial end?

Finally after series of events Kanya kills Mareena and is imprisoned. Podimol cared for by Karthu who remember her past and is back to Kaipamangalam finally Balan, Karthu and Bala reunite.

Is Karuthamuthu and Karthika Deepam same?

Karthika Deepam is an Indian Telugu-language television series which airs on Star Maa and stars Premi Viswanath and Paritala Nirupam. The series is a remake of the Malayalam television series Karuthamuthu, which aired on Asianet.

What is the climax of Karuthamuthu serial?

On 9 August 2019, the show was completed and concluded with the climax. Karuthamuthu is the story of a pure heart striving for love and respect in a world of stone-hearted fair-skins….Karuthamuthu.

Title of the show: Karuthamuthu
Channel/Network: Asianet
Karuthamuthu Title Card/Logo:

Who is Kanya in Karuthamuthu?

Sharanya Sasi is one of the popular TV actresses, who has done meaty roles in many shows. The actress shot to fame with her character Kanya in the show Karuthamuthu.

How many episodes are there in Karuthamuthu?

1,450Karuthamuthu / Number of episodes

Is Karthika Deepam serial going to end?

Karthika Deepam, one of the most watched Telugu daily soaps, is likely to conclude soon. Sources suggest that the show might go off-air in the near future and it is most likely to be replaced by the new show Malli, the rumoured remake of Hindi daily soap Imlie starring Pawon Sae in the lead role.

What is the last episode of Karthika Deepam serial?

Hima’s Emotional OutburstKarthika Deepam / Latest episode

How many episodes are there in Karthika Deepam?

979Karthika Deepam / Number of episodes

What is the story of Karuthamuthu serial?

Though Karthika and Kanya are born from same mothers, their fathers are different. Shekharan is the pervert step father of Karthika who is always scheming ways to destroy her happiness. Balachandran believes he has become impotent in an accident and is convinced that he can never become a father.

How can I watch Malayalam serial on Hotstar?

Star network is added all the latest episodes of the malayalam serials and latest movies. How can you watch these programs online?. Just visit the website and from menu click malayalam. it will list the videos and films from asianet shows.

How can I watch Karthika Deepam episodes?

Watch Karthika Deepam All Latest Episodes on Disney+ Hotstar.

How can I watch Malayalam serial online?

As India’s leading entertainment platform, ZEE5 has a bouquet of Malayalam serials, ranging from period dramas to explosive thrillers. You can stream the latest episodes of your favourite Malayalam drama at any time across multiple devices. The platform has a selection of varied genres that will suit any palate.