How did Robert Duggan make his money?

The success of Pharmacyclics’ cancer drug Imbruvica made him a billionaire in 2013. Duggan, whose son died from brain cancer, became passionate about Pharmacyclic’s cancer fighting drugs and first invested in 2004.

Who is Bob Duggan?

Bob is the majority shareholder and currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Pulse Biosciences and Summit Therapeutics, where he also serves as CEO….Robert Duggan (venture capitalist)

Bob Duggan
Known for Forbes List of 400 Billionaires Former CEO of Pharmacyclics
Title CEO Summit Therapeutics
Term 2020 – present
Children 8

Who is Trish Duggan?

Trish Duggan, currently the world’s top donor to Church of Scientology causes, first made her artistic mark on Tampa Bay with the 2018 opening of Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg.

Who is Robert Duggan?

Robert Duggan has become the executive chairman of Summit Therapeutics, a British antibiotics company. Overall, the collective stakes of Facebook’s and Microsoft’s billionaire backers rose $7.4 billion today.

What happened to John Duggan?

Thornburgh obtained an indictment on March 5, 1974. That same day, Duggan was found shot to death on his family estate in Ligonier Township, victim of a shotgun blast. The body was found on the grounds of the estate; the shotgun was seven to ten feet from the body.

Who is Bob Duggan’s wife Trish Hagerty?

Bob Duggan was married to Patricia J. “Trish” Hagerty whom he met when both were students at UCSB. Bob Duggan and Trish Duggan were divorced in 2017. They have 8 children. Duggan is an avid surfer, who began surfing in Santa Cruz, California, later travelling to countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Hawaii, and Mexico.

How much did Duggan’s family make per month?

His father was an Irish immigrant who became an industrial engineer in the U.S; his mother was a nurse. According to Robert Duggan in Investopedia, “We [our family] made about $800 a month…The last couple days of every month we scrambled around the house looking for lost quarters, dimes, and nickels [to pay the bills].”