How do I find a clinical trial protocol?

Our clinical trials registry is available online at Additionally, clinical trial protocol information submitted by AbbVie to the EudraCT database is made publicly available by the EMA via the clinical trials register.

What is the difference between protocol deviation and violation?

Deviations may result from the action of the subject, researcher, or research staff. Protocol Violation: Accidental or unintentional change to, or non-compliance with the IRB approved protocol without prior sponsor and IRB approval.

What is an evidence based protocol?

Evidence‐based protocols refer to the structured manuals for ESTs that are designed to help practitioners more easily deliver such therapies by providing detailed (often session‐by‐session) guidelines for providing such therapies.

What are the 4 phases of clinical trials?


Phase Primary goal
Phase I Dose-ranging on healthy volunteers for safety
Phase II Testing of drug on participants to assess efficacy and side effects
Phase III Testing of drug on participants to assess efficacy, effectiveness and safety
Phase IV Post marketing surveillance in public

What information is exchanged during the informed consent process?

What is informed consent? Informed consent is a process of information exchange about the research including reviewing eligibility or recruitment materials with the subject, reviewing the informed consent document, answering questions, and checking for subject understanding.

What are protocols in healthcare?

In a healthcare setting, a protocol, also called a medical guideline, is a set of instructions which describe a process to be followed to investigate a particular set of findings in a patient, or the method which should be followed to control a certain disease.

How long must clinical trial records be kept?

2 years

Who writes the clinical trial protocol?

The actual writing of a protocol is a team effort with contributions from a medical expert, a statistician, a pharmacokinetics expert, the clinical research coordinator, and the project manager, who all provide input to the medical writer to produce the final document.

What is an example of a protocol?

A protocol is a standard set of rules that allow electronic devices to communicate with each other. Examples include wired networking (e.g., Ethernet), wireless networking (e.g., 802.11ac), and Internet communication (e.g., IP). …

What happens if you violate IRB?

If human subjects protection regulations are willfully violated, the department secretary or agency head may bar the organization or individual from receiving funding from any federal source. [39] Such debarment must be for a specified length of time and, in some extreme cases, may be permanent.

Why are protocols important in healthcare?

The use of clinical protocols allows health care providers to offer appropriate diagnostic treatment and care services to patients, variance reports to purchasers and quality training to clinical staff.

What is protocol amendment?

“Protocol Amendment: Change in Protocol” A sponsor of an IND application is expected to submit a protocol amendment in cases when there are changes in the existing protocol that significantly affect safety of subjects, scope of the investigation, or scientific quality of the study.

What is the most appropriate contents in a clinical trial protocol?

According to the ICH Good Clinical Practice guidelines, a protocol should include the following topics: Title Page (General Information) Background Information. Objectives/Purpose.

What is a protocol violation?

Protocol violations are any unapproved changes, deviations or departures from the study design or procedures of a research project that are under the investigator’s control and that have not been reviewed and approved by the IRB.

What can be done to try to reduce the number of protocol violations?

The following steps can help to ensure that protocol violations are minimized. Provision of thorough protocol training as well as periodic refresher training for all members of the study team. Notification to all members of the study team of a protocol amendment.

What is an IRB approval statement?

The IRB approval letter lists the committee’s determinations regarding your approved human research study. It provides information about the informed consent process and HIPAA Authorization requirements and includes helpful reminders.

What does it mean when IRB approval is not stated in the article?

Clearly, however, a major problem then occurs: if an article does not mention IRB approval, the reader does not know either whether none has been obtained or whether approval was obtained but simply not mentioned in the manuscript.