How do I get Basarios?

Basarios Carapace can be obtained in the locations marked by a circle (◯). Items in this table can be harvested or mined in the open world. Items obtained from carving monsters are not included here.

Are Basarios and Gravios the same monster?

Gravios is a large flying wyvern that is the adult form of Basarios. While Basarios is known as the “Rock Wyvern” due to the rock-like appearance of its shell, Gravios is known as the “Armor Wyvern” due to its fully developed shell resembling and acting like armor.

Is Basarios a Gravios?

Appearance. Basarios is a flying wyvern with rocky, moss covered carapace and the juvenile form of Gravios. Its hard, stone-like carapace, which is even harder than their adult form, is used for protection against predators, and double up as an effective camouflage when Basarios partially buries itself in the ground.

Where is the Basarios?


Species Flying Wyvern
Location(s) Volcano, Volcanic Hollow, Marshlands, Ruined Pinnacle
Element Weakness(es) Dragon, Water
Afflicted Element(s) Fire

Where do I find Basarios in Monster Hunter story?

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Basarios eggs can be found in the Alcala region and in woodland expedition dens. Throw a paintball at least three turns before it flees. Part breaking helps but is not essential. Basarios will spawn at the spot where you first beat it so it’s easy to reach using the catavan.

How do you beat Basarios MHR?

Quick Combat Tips

  1. Basarios has a very tough hide and requires Green Sharpness at minimum to prevent attacks from bouncing.
  2. Basarios will periodically heat up parts of its body to enable some of its moves.
  3. Avoid attacking its wings as they are extremely hard and will deflect most attacks regardless of weapon sharpness.

Can you cut off Basarios tail MHR?

No, it’s not cruel, but it is unnecessary for most dogs. Docking a puppy’s tail means to remove a portion of the tail, usually when the pup is only a few days old.