How do I insert a hyperlink in Outlook 2010?

It’s easy to insert a link into an Outlook email using the Outlook Windows desktop app.

  1. Compose a new message or reply to a current message.
  2. Select the text or image you want to use for the link.
  3. Go to the Insert tab.
  4. Select Link.
  5. Enter or paste the URL to which you want to link.
  6. Select OK to insert the link.

How do I insert a link in Outlook?

Right-click the selected text and choose “Link.” If you prefer, you can click “Insert” at the top of the message window and choose “Link” from the ribbon bar. 4. Type or paste the URL in the “Address” box and click “OK.” The hyperlink has been created.

How do I insert a clickable link in an email?

If you just want to add a clickable URL to your message and don’t care about making it a hyperlink with specific text, simply copy the URL (press Ctrl + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac), click the mouse where you want to insert the link, and then press Ctrl + V (PC) or Command + V (Mac) to paste.

Why are links not working in Outlook?

On the Tools menu, select Internet Options. Select Programs > Reset Web Settings. Under Internet programs, make sure that the correct email program is selected. Select the Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser check box.

How do I insert a hyperlink in Outlook Quick Step?

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  1. Create Quick Step.
  2. Open Outlook.
  3. Click the desired pre-defined action.
  4. Type a name for the task in the Name box.
  5. Click the desired action.
  6. Click the desired shortcut key combination.
  7. Edit Quick Step.
  8. Open Outlook-2.

How do I make an HTML email clickable?

The most common way to link an email in HTML is by using an anchor tag that has a href attribute. The href will point to the email you would like to send the email to. This link will open up a new, blank email, addressed to you, in the users’ email client.

Why does my hyperlink not work in Outlook?

How do you copy a link and make it clickable?

How to Copy & Paste a Hyperlink

  1. Scroll over the hyperlink while holding down your left mouse button. This will select the hyperlink and the text.
  2. Hit “Ctrl” + “C” on your keyboard to copy the hyperlink.
  3. Open the document or location into which you want to paste the hyperlink.

How to insert a link in outlook?

How to Insert a Link in Outlook 1 Open the webpage you want to link to in your browser. 2 Highlight the URL in the browser’s address bar. 3 Press and hold the Ctrl and C keys to copy the URL. 4 Go to the email you are composing in Windows Mail or Outlook Express. 5 Use the mouse to highlight the word or passage in… See More….

How do I create a hyperlink in Outlook 2007?

In Outlook Online, go to the Formatting toolbar and select Insert hyperlink . Select Link. Skip this step for Outlook Online. In the Text to display text box, type a word or phrase if you want alternate text to appear. In the Address text box, enter or paste the URL to which you want to link.

How do I send a link to a website in email?

You can link any word or image in your message to any page on the web, and when the recipient clicks the link, the page opens automatically. Open the email message in which you want to insert a link. Select the text or image you want to use for the link.