How do I redirect in SharePoint?

How to Redirect SharePoint Online page to a different URL?

  1. Step 1: Create a “News link” in SharePoint Online. Login to your SharePoint Online site, click on the “New” button in the toolbar, and choose “News link”
  2. Step 2: Set the Redirect page as the Home page.
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Can you redirect a SharePoint page?

We can add a script to redirect a page to another page in SharePoint. In various ways, you can add a script to a SharePoint page to redirect. Directly on the Page: You can edit the page using SharePoint designer 2013 and then you can add the JavaScript or jQuery code to redirect the user to another page in SharePoint.

How do I redirect a page in SharePoint 2010?

Under layout, select the “hidden” checkbox. The script for your redirect you may find here (Choose the necessary redirect options and save the script to your PC, after that upload this txt file to a SharePoint library). Hope it helps!

How do I run a code in SharePoint?

To run code when a SharePoint project is deployed or retracted

  1. Create a project item extension, a project extension, or a definition of a new project item type.
  2. In the extension, access the ISharePointProjectService object.
  3. Handle the DeploymentStarted and DeploymentCompleted events of the project service.

How do I create a domain redirect?

Redirecting a new domain or subdomain (legacy)

  1. Navigate to the Manage Domains page. The Manage Domains page opens.
  2. Click the Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain button.
  3. Scroll down to the Redirect section.
  4. Enter the information in the following fields:
  5. Click the Redirect this domain button to complete the set up.