How do I setup my TP-Link ADSL wireless router?

Power on your router and computer first and then modem.

  1. Log into the router’s web-based management page.
  2. Configure WAN Connection Type.
  3. Enter your PPPoE username and password which are provided by your ISP.
  4. Click Save to save your settings, then the router will connect to Internet after a while.

How do I setup my tp-link Archer modem?

How to setup your TP-Link Archer VR900 modem for nbn FTTP/HFC/FTTC/Fixed Wireless

  1. step 1 – connect to your modem via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  2. step 2 – log into your modem.
  3. step 3 – enter the MATE settings into your modem.
  4. step 4 – plug your modem into the nbn™ device.

How do I fix my ADSL connection?

How to Solve ADSL Problem in Ntc? Modem Configuration

  1. Connect the ADSL Filter/Splitter in the right way.
  2. Avoid multiple connections/joints in your phone line.
  3. Check for worn-out internal wiring.
  4. Interference from Radio devices.
  5. The connection from Splitter to ADSL modem.
  6. Check Expiry and balance.

Why does my tp-link Say No Internet connection?

If so, the router is not able to communicate with your modem and you can’t access the internet. To resolve this problem, we need to change the LAN IP address of the router to avoid such conflict, for example, 192.168. 2.1. You may login the web interface of your TP-Link router and then go to Advanced > Network > LAN.

How do you set up a modem?

How to Hook Up Your Internet

  1. Connect your modem. Before you power up your modem, you’ll want to connect it to your computer and your phone jack or cable outlet.
  2. Connect your router to the internet (optional)
  3. Test your internet connection.
  4. Set up your modem and network.
  5. Connect to a wireless network.

How can I set up my tp-link modem router as a pure modem?

How can I set up my TP-Link modem router as a pure modem?

  1. Open the web browser and type in or 192.168.
  2. Create a login password for future login attempts or use “admin” (lower) for both username and password.
  3. Go to Advanced > Network > Internet.

How do I check if my ADSL line is working?

To check the broadband/phone line, proceed as follows.

  1. At the BT Master socket, plug the corded analogue telephone into the micro-filter and confirm dial tone.
  2. Dial 17070 and wait for the circuit number/CLI to be confirmed.
  3. After about 20 seconds you will hear the message “Quiet line test”.