How do you expand writing?

Here are 16 ways you can start improving your writing skills right now.Brush Up on the Basics. Write Like It’s Your Job. Read Like It’s Your Job. Find a Writing Partner. Join a Workshop or Take a Night Class. Dissect Writing That You Admire. Imitate Writers You Admire. Remember That Outlines Are Your Friend.

How do you expand a story idea?

How to expand your novel idea into a stronger storyFind latent character goals in your novel idea. Brainstorm goal complications and obstacles that will add suspense. Imagine settings adding mood and possible subplots. Find subplots that support your main novel idea. Identify interesting potential themes. 4 Replies to “How to expand your novel idea into a stronger story”

How do you expand the plot of a story?

Expand Your WorkAdd a relevant sub-plot: one that sheds light on the themes, heightens the tension in the main plot, or reveals crucial information about the characters.Include the next part of the story: take it further in the character’s lives (perhaps what you think is a finished novel is just part one).

How do you start a plot?

How to Plot a Short StoryBrainstorm. You don’t need to have multiple short story ideas ready to go at a moment’s notice. Write out the central conflict. The foundations of your main conflict or theme often form a short story’s rising action. Create a brief outline. Pick a point of view. Select the right story structure.

How do I find the plot of a story?

Here are five easy ways to find a plot:Give a classic a cool twist. The classics can give you a great ‘template’ for a modern novel. Kill someone in chapter one. Nothing sparks a plot like a character dying in the opening scenes. Start with setting. Mine your own life. Make anti-plot work for you.

Are chapters too short?

There is no such thing as too short. A chapter should be no longer than is necessary to tell the story within it. Think of chapters as stories within stories. A chapter can consist of one scene or multiple scenes.

How short can chapters be?

Most agree that under 1,000 words would be rather short and that over 5,000 might be rather too long. As a general guideline, chapters should be between 3,000 to 5,000 words. All of them agree that the chapter length should be defined by the story and that any chapter length targets you decide on are merely guidelines.