How do you get into the panic room in Hitman Absolution?

The fastest way to get there is the door in the room with the lift (screen above). You can unlock this door with a keycard (one of them can be found in Lenny’s bedroom and another is in the room with a laptop) or wait until one of guards unlocks the door and sneak behind him.

Where is the key card Patriots hangar?

Find the keycard. It’s in the small maze of boxes near the corner of the hangar where the evidence is. Take the Patriot’s disguise, hide his body, and enter the arena unseen.

How do you get the keycard in Hitman Contracts?

Hitman: Contracts It can be obtained from either the bartender, the biker torturing Klaas Teller or Rutgert Van Leuven. The Wang Fou Incident: Orthmeyer’s Keycard. Allows the player to open a door in Asylum Aftermath. It can be obtained from Lee Hong’s desk, which can be accessed through the basement.

Is Hitman: Absolution canon?

I am almost 100% sure (around 98.73%) Hitman games are canon, except the Christmas Game (obviously). I’d say, as out of place it was for Agent 47’s character, it’s still an important piece of the story. Though, don’t let my opinions judge your C0DA. Hitman 2016 may had retcon Absolution, Stalking.

How do I get rid of Sanchez?

The most obvious method to eliminate Sanchez is to shoot him with a pistol or other standard weapon. I do not recommend this solution, because despite completing your objective, you’ll get the attention of nearby characters and many of them have firearms.

How do you get the minigun in Hitman Contracts?

To get the minigun go to Level 9 and get the Keycard from the Mansion then complete the Level as normal and save. To get the minigun go to Level 9 and get the Keycard from the Mansion then complete the Level as normal and save.

Where is Blackwater Park in Absolution?

Blackwater Park is the eighteenth mission of Absolution and takes place at Blackwater Park, a large apartment building in Chicago . Blackwater Park entrance. The first segment covers the outside park, the staff building, and the basement and first floor of the building.

How do you clear the first level in Blackwater Park?

Additionally, to clear the first level without being spotted (also called Blackwater Park ), 47 needs to use a disguise to access the exit (the Custodian, Plumber, or Blackwater Manager).

How do I get into the Blackwater building basement?

If you enter the building, there is a room with a ventilation shaft that goes over the guard office in the tunnel and into the Blackwater building basement. A group of NPCs, including guards and custodians, will be talking on the other side of the glass window. Wait for them to finish, at which point they will enter a nearby room with some shelves.

Where can I find evidence in Blackwater Park grounds?

Blackwater Park Grounds. The security office next to the flooded garage entrance. Penthouse. One of the corners in the Cetacean skeleton room has evidence on the sofa. Complete the chapter without being spotted. Blackwater Park and The Penthouse Complete the chapter without using a disguise. Blackwater Park and The Penthouse