How do you get through the Abyssal Ruins in Pokemon Black 2?


  1. To access the 1st Floor, you must use Dive (HM06) over a dark patch of water in Undella Bay.
  2. To access the 2nd Floor, you must reach the first Dynamic Block in less than 190 steps.
  3. To access the 3rd Floor, you must use Flash (TM70) in front of the second Dynamic Block.

Is there a legendary Pokemon in Abyssal Ruins?

There are no Pokemon found in the Abyssal Ruins, only a variety of valuable ancient items which can be collected. The biggest thing to note is that after moving over around 500 tiles, you’ll be swept back outside the ruins and will have to re-enter at the first floor, no matter how far into the ruins you were.

What is the relic crown for in Pokemon Black 2?

The Relic Crown serves no practical purpose other than to be sold.

How do you get dive in Pokemon Black 2?

A Draco Plate can be found at the far North part. Next, Surf on a Pokemon to the East. You may find four big dark spots in this area. These spots allow you to dive deep into the ocean.

Should I sell relic crown?

Where can I find abyssal ruins in Pokemon Black 2?

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Wiki Guide. Abyssal Ruins. Abyssal Ruins is an underwater ruin in North Eastern Unova. It can only be reached by using HM06 – Dive in Undella Bay. The entire ruin is like an underwater maze. Swim around and pick up Relic Items that can be sold to a maniac in Undella Town for a high price.

How do you get to abyssal ruins Unova?

Abyssal Ruins (Japanese: 海底遺跡 Undersea Ruins) are sunken temple ruins in eastern Unova, accessed through the use of Dive outside of battle. It is east of Undella Town in Undella Bay. Most Plates are located here. There are four floors and no wild Pokémon or Trainers.

How hard is it to get to 4F in abyssal ruins?

It’s not exceptionally hard to reach 4F by any means, but you don’t want to be swept out of the ruins a few steps before you grab the Relic Crown there, now do you? You can do about two quarters (or a little less) of Abyssal Ruins 1F per run, so it’ll take you two or three (probably three) trips before you’ve cleared just the first floor.

Is there a way to translate abyssal ruins?

Like Pokémon Black & White, the Abyssal Ruins have got text in cuniform writing that would normally need translation. However, after beating the Elite Four, when you speak to Zinzolin in Undella Town, he will give you Ghetsis’ notebooks which will allow you to translate the text.