How do you open the gate in the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess?

Climb the vines and then use the boomerang to hit the two fan spinners. Hitting them both with one boomerang throw will open the gate, freeing the seventh monkey. Turn around and defeat the hanging deku baba with the boomerang.

How do you get the hanging chest in the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess?

The door on the bottom floor will take you there. Use the monkey to swing over onto the central platform. From there, throw your boomerang towards the hanging chest directly above to knock it down.

How do you use the boomerang in Zelda Twilight Princess?

The Gale Boomerang is an item in Twilight Princess….Gale Boomerang.

Games Twilight Princess
Location Forest Temple
Uses Retrieve objects Stun enemies with wind tunnels Harm enemies Cut ropes Blow out fires Spin wind fans

How do you open the windmill door in Twilight Princess?

How do I open the windmill door in the Forest Temple? (Twilight Princess HD) While holding the item button you can lock onto multiple targets before letting the boomerang go. After you z lock one z lock another and then another and then another, Hope this helped!

Where is the Gale Boomerang in Twilight Princess?

the Forest Temple
The Gale Boomerang is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This item is the first item that Link obtains in a dungeon. Found in the Forest Temple left behind by the mini-boss Ook after his defeat, the Gale Boomerang is inhabited by the Fairy of Winds.

Can you rebuy the Shovel Link’s Awakening?

Can I get another shovel in Link’s Awakening? No, but you can buy back the Shovel from the guy at the beach for 300 Rupees.

What is the forest temple in Twilight Princess?

The Forest Temple found in Twilight Princess is the second of three dungeons that are called the Forest Temple in The Legend of Zelda series. Other dungeons include the fourth dungeon in Ocarina of Time and the first dungeon in Spirit Tracks.

Where is the first dungeon in Twilight Princess?

The Forest Temple is the first dungeon in Twilight Princess. It is located at the far northeast of Faron Woods, where a spiderweb blocks the entrance. The dungeon itself seems to be within the grounds of large withered tree, reminiscent of the first dungeon of Ocarina of Time.

How do you get to the forest temple on Wii U?

If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii U, check out the Forest Temple – HD Version. Once you enter the Forest Temple, just run straight ahead and defeat a Keese along the way. You’ll reach a large opening and a short cinematic will play, showcasing the Forest Temple.

What is the boss of the forest temple called?

The Boss of the Forest Temple is known as the Twilit Parasite: Diababa. This parasitic version of a standard Deku Baba is a 3-headed mutation caused by the powerful Fused Shadow. Diababa can be defeated using a combination of Bombling attacks and Sword attacks.