How do you properly punctuate?

Placing Proper PunctuationEndmarks: All sentences need an endmark: a period, question mark, exclamation point, or ellipsis. Apostrophes: For singular ownership, generally add’s; for plural ownership, generally add s’.Commas: In direct address, use commas to separate the name from the rest of the sentence.

How do you punctuate TV shows in an essay?

Use quotation marks around the titles of short poems, song titles, short stories, magazine or newspaper articles, essays, speeches, chapter titles, short films, and episodes of television or radio shows. Do not use quotation marks in indirect or block quotations.

Do you capitalize chapter titles in essays?

Capitalize “Chapter,” “Unit,” and “Exercise” The title is written out (e.g., Chapter 1), and titles should be capitalized. However, even if the chapter has a name (e.g., Gerunds), we commonly keep the capitalization (e.g., Open your books to Chapter 1, Gerunds) because it still represents the title.

What do you capitalize in a table of contents?

Explanation: Titles or headings in a Table of Contents should be capitalized, just like for standard book title capitalization. Capitalize all words except articles (a, the), prepositions (from, to, through…), and coordinate conjunctions ( and, or…).

How do you capitalize headings?

Just follow these simple rules.Capitalize the first word of the title or heading.Capitalize the last word of the title or heading.All other words are capitalized unless they are conjunctions (and, or, but, nor, yet, so, for), articles (a, an, the), or prepositions (in, to, of, at, by, up, for, off, on).

Does a table of contents have to have page numbers?

Matter preceding the table of contents is generally not listed there. However, all pages except the outside cover are counted, and the table of contents is often numbered with a lowercase Roman numeral page number.

Can a table of contents be 2 pages?

If you have a lot of headings in your text, you may not be able to include them all—your table of contents should not be more than two pages long in total.

How do you number pages without table of contents?

Was this helpful?Place your cursor on the first line of page you want to be page 1.Click Layout in the Word ribbon.Click Breaks.Click Next Page.Double click on the header area of page 1. Click Link to Previous in the Design ribbon. Click the drop-down arrow by Page Number.Click Format Page Numbers.

How do I add pages to table of contents?

Follow these steps to insert a table of contents:Click in your document where you want to create the table of contents. If you’d like it to appear on its own page, insert a page break (Ctrl+Enter) before and after inserting the ToC.Click the References tab. Choose the style of Table of Contents you wish to insert.

How do I update a table of contents in pages?

Create a table of contentsIf you haven’t already done so, apply paragraph styles to the text you want to appear in the table of contents.Click. in the toolbar, then choose Table of Contents.To change the TOC entries, click Edit at the top of the sidebar, then do any of the following: