How do you set up a Garmin running watch?

Setting Up the Run/Walk Feature

  1. STEP 1: The first thing you want to do is go into the SETTINGS on your watch. STEP 2: Open the Apps.
  2. STEP 3: Click on the application you want to add you run/walk to.
  3. STEP 5: Click on ADD NEW.
  4. STEP 7: Add your RUN time and add your WALK time.

How long does Garmin 10 battery last?


Battery type Rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life Watch only: up to 14 wk. Playing golf: up to 12 hr. NOTE: The actual battery life of a fully charged battery depends on how much time you use GPS. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures also reduces battery life.

How do you sync the time on a Garmin watch?

Hold the touchscreen, and select Settings > System > Time. Verify the Auto option is enabled. Select an option: Confirm that your smartphone displays the correct local time, and sync your device to the smartphone (Using the Garmin Connect App).

What app do I need for Garmin watch?

Download the Garmin Connect app Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you need the Garmin Connect app to pair up your watch and ship all of that training data back to the phone. It’ll also allow you to receive messages and other smartphone notifications, if you wish.

Does Garmin watch give directions?

Garmin watch models allow only 50 cue sheet course points per route, and just show turn direction arrows. If a route downloaded by routeCourse does not include cue sheet directions your watch may be able to generate them using the built-in maps.

How do I follow a course on Garmin?

Following a Course From Garmin Connect

  1. Select an option: Open the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Create a new course, or select an existing course.
  3. Select an option:
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. On the Edge® device, select Navigation > Courses > Saved Courses.
  6. Select the course.
  7. Select Ride.