How do you tell if your Jordan 1s are fake?

How to legit check Jordan 1?

  1. Verify the overall look.
  2. Authenticate the Swoosh.
  3. Examine the texture.
  4. Inspect the wings logo.
  5. Legit check the tongue tag.
  6. Pay attention to the toe box.
  7. Analyze the heel.
  8. Remember to check the outsole.

What shoe company made Jordan’s signature shoe collection?

Air Jordan is an American brand of basketball shoes, athletic, casual, and style clothing produced by Nike. Founded in Chicago, Air Jordan was created for Hall of Fame former basketball player Michael Jordan during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

Are Jordan shoes on Amazon fake?

All of the products we sell are 100% authentic guaranteed. We have sold tens of thousands of items over many years on Amazon and will NEVER sell any fake or variant products.

How many signature Jordans are there?

To date, there have 26 different signature pairs of Air Jordan shoes to hit the market, with each one drawing more hype than the next. The shoes revolutionized athletic footwear, and we can only wait and see what’s next on the list.

Does Michael Jordan own every pair of Jordans?

Michael Jordan does not own Jordan Brand. Nike owns Jordan brand but Michael Jordan gets a percentage of the revenue. Michael Jordan signed his deal with Nike in 1984 and while the Jordan brand started as part of Nike as a subsidary, the brand has it’s own identity.

Where are the real Jordans made?

Jordans are made in China. The multinational American corporation, AKA Nike the big Swoosh, produces Air Jordans. They’ve been producing Jordan since 1985 and have built a complete Jordan empire. So, yes, they are in fact made in China.

Are Authentic Jordans made in Vietnam?

On the other hand, the authentic Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers have their “MADE IN VIETNAM” lines of text looking thicker than what they look like on the fake shoes.

How do you tell if Jordan sneakers are fake?

– Check out the Jordan wings logo. Look out for any inconsistent letters. – Look at the toe box. Check for any peaks at the toe box. – Check if the pair came with extra laces in the bag. Most air Jordan 1 high pairs come with extra laces. – If the box is really beat up. The pair is most likely fake.

Is it illegal to sell fake Jordan shoes?

While the original manufacturer may not be happy about someone mimicking their design for a quick buck, it is generally not clearly illegal. As such, the buyer has little to worry about, and if they get tired of the item and decide to resell it, they will probably not have law enforcement kicking down their door.

Where to buy the best fake Jordans?

StockX deals with original Jordans and are way too expensive

  • DHgate is THE best for Jordan replicas in terms of price,variety and quality and exactness.
  • Aliexpress is the second best for Jordan replicas because of the price,variety,quality.
  • Should I buy fake Jordans?

    Save up and not buy fakes, someone will definitely call you out and destroy you. Oh and you do have to realize that the fake Jordans you are looking at online can easily be a real pair of Jordans. Websites that sell fakes always do that, In the picture it is perfect then when they arrive to your home, they are a sack of potatoes. 1.8K views