How does the essay affect ACT score?

An image of your essay will be available to your high school and the colleges to which you have ACT report your scores from that test date. Taking the writing test does not affect your subject area scores or your Composite score.

How do they score the ACT writing?

Each ACT essay is scored by two different graders on a scale of 1-6 across four different domains, for a total score out of 12 in each domain. These domain scores are then averaged into a total score out of 12. Because the ACT Writing is optional, your essay score will not be factored into your ACT composite score.

Is ACT writing important?

Admissions officers feel that the ACT Plus Writing gives a more “rounded” picture of an applicant’s skills than the ACT without Writing. Essentially, they value having the additional information about an applicant’s language skills as part of their standardized test scores.

Is 16 out of 24 a good SAT essay score?

SAT Essay section score mentioned is just above average, but that by itself will not deny you an admission there. You can show your mastery in English via essays, etc. You can safely assume that you have successfully met the standardized test score requirement.