How hard is the IBEW test?

The IBEW Aptitude Test is considered more difficult than other common pre-apprenticeship tests, especially the math section. The mathematical concepts required in the IBEW electrical aptitude test (functions, polynomials, etc.) are more complex than those found in nearly all apprenticeship tests.

What can I expect from an electrical aptitude test?

The IBEW aptitude test consists of two parts – math and reading. The math portion covers algebra and functions with a total of 33 questions that must be answered within 46 minutes. Now, along with the math portion you will most likely see some mechanical questions.

What happens if you fail the IBEW aptitude test?

Of course, you may retake the NJATC Aptitude Test if you fail, but you must wait for six months. There is a strict rule on this that retaking the NJATC Aptitude Test must be done after six months of taking the first test if not your test will be disqualified.

What kind of math is on the electrician aptitude test?

The Electrical Training Alliance aptitude test consists of two test sections: Algebra and functions. Reading comprehension.

What kind of math do electricians need to know?

Trigonometry (rise over run, solve for side x, etc); other geometry (linear feet around a circumference, etc); Ohms Law (voltage current power); load calculation (see code); simple algebra (“mental math” or as complex multiplication, division and their friends as you can solve in your head quickly and accurately to …

What kind of math do electricians need?

What algebra do electricians use?

Electricians use trigonometry to calculate the exact angle at which the conduit should be bent around the item and connected to the circuit.

How many questions are on the electrical installation exam?

Prepare for your Electrical Installation exams with our forty-seventh set of multiple choice questions. Prepare for your Electrical Installation exams with our forty-eighth set of multiple choice questions. Prepare for your Electrical Installation exams with our forty-ninth set of multiple choice questions.

Is there a free practice test for electrical engineering?

This Electrical Career Now free practice test covers electrical theory, electrician trade knowledge, wiring, installation, safety, load calculations, and more. Find a local electrical school.

How do I prepare for the NEC electrician exam?

To prepare for your actual Electrician Exam, these two practice exams by Ray Holder (Master Electrician and Certified Electrical Trade Instructor) have 300 questions with fully explained answers: With, you have the option to purchase a practice test kit based on the 2014, 2017 or 2020 NEC Codes.

What do you learn on the electrician practice test?

Electrician Practice Test. Most states require an electrician to pass an exam to receive a journeyman or master electrician license. State exams cover such areas as Electrical Theory, Trade Knowledge, Grounding and Bonding, Wiring Methods and Installation, Overcurrent Protection, Load Calculations, etc.