How long does a Mighty Mule last?

How many times will the Mighty Mule automatic gate operator activate during a power outage? On the average, a fully charged 12 volt, 7.0 amp-hour battery will provide fifty (50) cycles during a power outage.

Is GTO the same as Mighty Mule?

The Mighty Mule, a product line produced by GTO, is the “do-it-yourself” version of gate openers for homes, ranches, industrial uses and light professional applications. According to, GTO sells its products through local stocking dealers, distributors and online retailers in the United States.

How do you troubleshoot a Mighty Mule gate opener?

Change the batteries in the remote control or digital keypad if either stops working. Unscrew the back of the remote or keypad with a Phillips screwdriver and install three replacement AA batteries in the keypad or a suitable circular battery in the remote. Screw the cover back in place and try using the opener again.

How long do Mighty Mule solar panels last?

For gates that lack a power source at the site of installation, rated for 8 – 26 cycles, see zone chart. Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) installation. Backed by a 12 month Mighty Mule Warranty and life time technical support.

Is Mighty Mule compatible with GTO?

Works with GTO / Mighty Mule gate operator receivers including: PRO1500, PRO2500, PRO3000, PRO4000, PRO1000, PRO2000, Mighty Mule swing gate operators and SL1000 slide gate operator and many more. Simply set the dip switches inside the unit to match your other transmitters or receiver.

Why is my Mighty Mule gate opener beeping?

Your battery in your GTO, inc / Mighty Mule automatic driveway gate opener is running low. There can be a couple of causes. One is a possibility is dead cell in your battery in your GTO, inc / Mighty Mule automatic driveway gate opener. Another could be your battery is not getting electricity to charge it.

How do you troubleshoot an automatic gate opener?

4 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Automated Gate Remote Entry Problems

  1. Try Using Another Control.
  2. Check the Power Supply.
  3. Check the Internal Fuses of Control Panel.
  4. Call an Automated Gate Repair Company.

How do you check solar panels on a Mighty Mule gate opener?

To check the output, simply disconnect the solar panel leads from the control board and connect them directly to a dc voltmeter. In bright sunlight the panel output should read at least 18 volts dc at approximately 300mA.