How many letters of recommendation do you need for UT Austin?

two letters

How many supplemental essays does UT Austin have?

The writing component of the application includes one long essay and three short essay questions, with additional writing requirements for students applying to these programs: Art/Art History, Architecture, Nursing, and Social Work.

Is UT Austin early action binding?

UT-Austin and the College of Natural Sciences do not offer early decision or early action for general admission, and applying early does not influence the admission decision. All applicants who submit complete applications on time are considered for admission.

How do I send letters of recommendation to UT?

ApplyTexas: Letters of recommendation for UT may be submitted via the Document Upload System (which you can access ONLY after submitting your application) or you may use the system to ask someone to submit their recommendation to us directly.

Does UT Austin consider legacy?

Some colleges give bonus points to “legacies” — applicants with a parent or other family member who attended the school. Legacy admissions, though, are banned at Texas public universities. Kahlenberg said he’s opposed to legacy preferences, saying it disproportionately benefits wealthier students.